How Do You Make Your Ecommerce Site More Visible?

3 June 2021| Post by Paul5 minutes

Paul Gregory


You’ve got a banging website, an optimised shopping experience that would make Amazon jealous and your content is *chefs kiss*. Now, how are you going to show it off?!

Allowing your ecommerce site to perform at its fullest potential is all about doing everything you possibly can to present it to your target audience. Obviously, everyone with a business needs to have a solid marketing strategy, but this is only going to get you so far.

The place that you want your ecommerce site to be absolutely smashing it is within search engines. This is where most of your customers are going to start their journey, a journey that you hope ends with you and your website.

But how do you go about ensuring your website is visible to the right people and scoring the traffic and conversion rates it deserves?

Well of course the ecommerce experts over at Limely have the answers!

Content worth saving

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if you’re not putting a huge focus on your website’s content – you’re doing it wrong!

Adding a blog post/news area to your ecommerce website unlocks a whole world of opportunity. The world is certainly your oyster as it creates a space where content wise, anything goes! Here, not only can you create content that advertises your brand, but content that will appeal to your audience and be worth bookmarking and saving for later.

Writing and posting high quality, valuable content (such as this) can help to put your website on the map and drastically help improve your visibility. But what makes valuable content? Anything that provides a solution, answers a burning question or offers an outstretched helping hand to your target clientele will allow your content to crop up amongst popular search queries, climb ranks within SERPs and let Google know that your website contains content that their users will want to read. And Google only deals with the best.

It’s all about the links

Once you’re hitting the blogging nail on the head, it’s important to sprinkle in those all-important ingredients to ensure that your content is doing what it’s supposed to; and that’s making your target audience happy and boosting your visibility within search engines.

One of the key ingredients to an effective bit of content is linking. Linking can refer to two strategies: internal linking and external linking.

Internal linking is when you write your new content, keeping your previous content in mind. Making this connection can allow you to link and direct your users to other pages on your site, whether it’s another article that relates to the content at hand, or another page on your website. This keeps the user in the loop and ultimately, boost organic traffic.

External linking is your SEO manager’s best mate. It’s the hidden assassin of content marketing and can help ensure your visibility amongst SERPs. External link building is where you ensure your content and website are being linked on other websites, especially those of value. It’s great to get as many examples of external linking as possible as Google uses this as an indicator of relevance, authority and trustworthy content. Takes some effort but, this is a surefire way of letting Google know that your website is first-page worth material amongst your target audience’s search queries.

Attentive SEO

SEO on a Laptop

We couldn’t write a blog post about your ecommerce site’s visibility without mentioning SEO. Search Engine Optimisation comes in many forms, all of which work towards boosting your site’s visibility and driving the right traffic to your online store. That said, it’s important that you put time and effort into your SEO strategy and ensure that it’s allowing your site to perform at its fullest potential.

From local SEO, Technical SEO and SEO Content, SEO experts, like those found at Limely, can help perfect every nook and cranny of your website so that it’s adhering to the search engine’s preferred etiquette and pushing your site up through SERPs. This can involve:

  • Making sure your site’s performance is top-notch, i.e page speed, UX, development
  • Adapting your site to adhere to local SEO
  • Focusing on keyword research stemming from your target audience
  • And just always make sure your site is performing with the user in mind to let search engines like Google know that your site is worth the hype.

Making friends with Google

You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned google a lot, and that isn’t without reason! As we mentioned in our blog post back in April, Google is your best mate when it comes to helping your online business to skyrocket. You just have to be in tune with Google’s standards.

Google is all about using algorithms and data to provide its users with the best possible experience. The majority of our online journeys start with a Google search, so they set a range of attributes that they look out for and use to identify sites that will provide the best solution for the user. Here’s just a few of them!

  • E-A-T: Google’s way of monitoring your content and its ‘expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This is what’s going to help Google recognise your site as being the great example of ecommerce excellence that it is.
  • Page Experience: This June, Google is set to update the way they monitor your user’s page experience and prioritise those that seem to hit it out of the park. That said, having a highly functional online store has never been so important!
  • If you’re really looking to be on Google’s good side, they’ve curated a whole list of guidelines that are set out to help Web Master’s to perfect their site and springboard their visibility. Grab a brew and check it out! 👉 Click here 👈

If you need any help boosting your visibility, come and chat with our team! Click here to contact us today!


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