How Customer Reviews Can Help Drive Revenue

15 March 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


When is the last time you bought something without scouring through customer reviews?… Probably never, am I right?

The incessant need to know how Dave from Manchester felt about his new MacBook Pro has become the driving force behind our decision to convert or not. Not Dave personally, but you get the drift. Listing the amazing features and benefits of a product or service simply isn’t enough. For online businesses, particularly eCommerce sites, customer reviews are a necessity to driving sales and revenue.

happy customer

Don’t believe us? Here’s just some of the benefits of online customer reviews…

They Boost Click Through Rates

Using to mark up every customer review on your site will allow your organic search results to display with a star rating. The important part is to encourage customers to leave Google reviews to build up your star rating.

This is important because Google takes into consideration over 200 ranking factors and it can be difficult to rank first for your key terms. However, a potential customer could be drawn to star ratings, even if your site isn’t listed in position 1.

They Improve Local SEO

Google uses popular review sites, such as Yotpo, as a source of information when it comes to your business listing. If you are able to accumulate a large number of positive reviews and combine that with a strong SEO strategy you will see a boost in rank for your business listing.

They Build Trust

Reviews are a major influencer when it comes to deciding whether or not to make an online purchase. Aggregating reviews can immediately build the trust that is required to persuade a potential customer of your legitimacy as a business. Not only that but they also provide priceless feedback, positive or negative.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation – Bright Local

Online reviews can affect your bottom line – start thinking about your online reputation and turn potential customers into loyal customers.


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