How Covid-19 Has Changed the Way We Write Our Emails

26 May 2020| Post by Graham3 minutes


The current pandemic has changed many aspects of business, even the way we communicate with one another

Whether you’re writing an email to your clients or your fellow colleagues, we all stick to a template to help keep things formal and professional. But as the world has been turned upside down by the recent pandemic, its presence is a little hard to brush under the carpet even when speaking professionally. We’ve had to adapt many aspects of our behaviour since the pandemic began, and this includes the way we conduct business and how we speak to people.

‘Hope you’re well ‘ has never had so much meaning.

But what exactly has COVID-19 done to our usual emailing habits?

Emphasised customer/client relationships

Building up a relationship with your client is an important business tool. It sustains trust, reliability and encourages users to make use of your services. But in a time like this, emphasising solidarity and portraying a sense of ‘we’re all in this together’ has never been so important.

Many of us have been letting our clients, or colleagues, know of our awareness of the situation as well as the acknowledgement of its effects. This somewhat breeches the usual levels of formality and has made our emails a lot more personal and humane. But in times like these where ‘the usual’ is out the window, this has proved more than appropriate when enquiring on the well-being of the recipient and sharing positive vibes.

Adapted brand voice

Many of us who pride themselves on their fun and unique businesses have adopted a tone and voice to match; helping to demonstrate this ‘out of the box’ style which usually continues within email marketing. Due to the severity of the situation and the detrimental effects it has had on the world, many of us have had to adapt our brand’s voice and tone to not only be respectful but to adapt to the serious nature of what is going on.

Became a source of information

Due to the wide-scale effects brought about by the pandemic, every business out there has found that their usual email content has had to change, no matter their industry or services.

To keep up customer relations, as well as their overall level of services, many emails that may have been about your latest products, promotions or business update, have turned into informative articles regarding the current pandemic. This has been to not only show your brands awareness and presence amidst the lockdown and quarantine but keeping a level of customer-centric service.

Became a beacon of positivity

With the pandemic, the lockdown and straying away from life as we know it, keeping happy and positive has proved somewhat of a challenge. Usually, our emails are used to spread marketing, company news and brand awareness. But as of late, they’ve been a way to send some positivity straight to the inboxes of our customers and colleagues.

This has included more positive language, positive news that is current and on-trend, and approaching recipients at a more personal level overall. That usual level of formality has been broken down as everyone is in need of some positivity, no matter your business relationship.

If anything, one good thing to have come out of the pandemic that it has gotten people talking. It has brought us together, no matter the relationship, and brought about much-needed compassion, empathy and solidarity which as businesses in lockdown, we’ve communicated through email. 


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