How Can Your Business Utilise TikTok?

6 April 2022| Post by Niko4 minutes


Over the past few years TikTok has cemented itself as one of the prominent social media platforms to spend an unholy amount of time on. But is there a way that this platform can be used to benefit your business? Let’s discuss…

TikTok rose to fame towards the beginning of the 2020 lockdown (the dark ages) and many of its customers were using it for one of two things; Either to create content about their time in lockdown, or to watch content about other people’s time in lockdown to make their own less boring.

Yes, even if you don’t use it regularly, I’m sure at one point or another during these last two years the app of TikTok has graced your phone’s hard drive and you’ve had a swipe through. Let’s be honest, it was kind of irresistible at one point! However, TikTok isn’t just for short comedic videos, the app has endless amounts of possibilities including advertising your business. Let’s take a quick look at the stats; According to, the United Kingdom has around 3.7 million active users who daily, spend around 41 minutes scrolling through the app. That’s a lot of people, spending a lot of time looking at their phones. Imagine if you could get your business in front of those eyes and leave a lasting impression?

TikTok On Smartphone

So How Would Using TikTok Help My Business?

We bet you’re asking that exact question. Well, as previously mentioned, TikTok is a content creation platform similar to the likes of YouTube. Meaning that anyone with a smart phone can download the app and immediately start creating videos about whatever they like. You may be wondering though, what type of videos would work best for your business?

Short and snappy is definitely the main factor to keep in mind however, here are some basic ideas to get your imagination flowing:

  • “A Day In The Life” style video where you give your audience a glimpse into the daily life of one of your employees. Showing off what they do both in their role, but also just around the office or workplace.
  • An Office Tour where you take the camera around your work environment showing what your office looks likes, where the work takes place and all of the fun amenities that your office provides. This gives your business not only a face, but also a personality which is far more engaging than a faceless company.
  • Product Highlights where you provide a 1-2 minute video that gives viewers an up close look at a particular product that also includes all of its benefits and features.
  • Collaboration videos with relevant influencers in your industry! Launching a new beauty product? Get beauty bloggers to try it out and leave their video reviews on the platform. Starting a new delivery service? Incorporate local business owners in your TikTok vids to highlight their approval. This strategy only adds to those all important trust signals we love to talk about!

Now that’s just a small handful of ideas but as you can see, there are plenty of different video types you can choose from to suit your own business or industry!

Tik Tok Video Making

Don’t Forget To Hashtag!

One final point to mention. When you upload a video to TikTok, remember to add a few hashtags to the video so that it shows up in certain search results. This works in the same way as YouTube tags or Google SEO keywords. If you put appropriate and relevant keywords into the hashtags, you will have a higher chance of showing up in search results. Alternatively, if a user is watching videos with those same hashtags, your videos very well may show up on their “For You” page thanks to TikTok’s incredibly specific search algorithm. That search algorithm still kind of freaks me out to this very day. How does it know that I’m obsessed with dogs, enjoy Australian humour and am hooked on crime dramas? I think I’ve exposed myself a little too much there…

To summarise, there is no better time than now than to get your business on TikTok and start creating great content. It’s just as relevant now as it was when it first went viral, and with an active install base that uses the app for not only extended periods of time, but also multiple times a day, you can leave your mark by creating fun and engaging content to keep you in their mind and potentially, look even further into your business.

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