How Can Your Business Recover from Ecommerce Hiccups

14 December 2020| Post by Niko4 minutes


Although online stores do everything in their power to provide their customers with nothing but the best – things can go wrong!

And throughout busy times like Black Friday, Christmas shopping and the Boxing Day sales, even big e-commerce companies and renowned names of the high street can be found guilty of some minor hiccups. From delivery issues, website problems and even errors with payment – they all result in disgruntled customers and exhausted customer helplines.

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Yes, problems and issues during times of increased online shopping are unavoidable, but when something does happen, it shouldn’t have to be an impact on your customer service or the overall representation of your brand and ecommerce store. Instead, it can be transformed into an opportunity to show an attentive approach to your shopping experience, as well as your customer service. Not sure how? Well, we’re here to present you with just a couple of ways in which you can turn ecommerce hiccups into chances for your online store to shine.

Pre-Festive website audit

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In order to fully prep your online shop and get yourself ahead of the game, it would be a great idea to run a website audit before the last minute shopping rush commences. This not only will make sure that your website is perfect running order, but will help you avoid any potential bumps in the road. Making sure things like page speed, your checkout and all of your products are working at full capacity will ensure that you stay on top of any potential hiccups that might come up as things get busier.

Have a ready plan of action

Alongside a website audit, you can use your time wisely and make sure that you and the rest of your team are aware of what exactly should be done when faced with a customer issue. When prepping for the worst-case scenario, it’s important that you remain organised and assign a proposed solution to any potential problems you may face.

This might include; what to do if a customer doesn’t receive their order, the exact protocol for when a customer is overcharged and what exactly you can offer upset customers to cushion the blow. That way, you can be prepared and resolve any potential issues quickly and efficiently.

Perfect refund & returns policy

Amongst your plan of action, you should perfect your refund and returns policy, especially where there’s a potential for customer issues with products and orders. This means you eradicate any chance of further confusion or frustration for customers who might already feel a bit dissatisfied with your service. Laying out your policies and making them easily accessible on your website can not only help your business redeem itself but also distinguish any possibilities of further customer issues.

Be vocal on social media

To reassure customers that they are safe shopping with you this festive season, you can announce your customer service contacts on your social media. Better yet, you can follow in the footsteps of ecommerce giants such as Asos and create specialised social media accounts that specifically manage customer complaints and queries. That way, you can not only show your customers that you’re here to help but give them a direct point of contact when things go wrong.

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions

If things do go wrong and you are faced with unhappy customers, you can always do whatever’s in your power to turn it around. This can be done through gestures like offering compensatory discounts and promotions exclusive to them in order to resolve the problem. Either way, all responses should have been agreed and decided beforehand in your plan to ensure you’re treating each customer and each circumstance fairly to keep your customer service intact.

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