How can I Streamline my online checkout?

23 November 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

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And in order to make sure that our clients are receiving nothing less, we constantly provide professional and expert guidance in all areas of ecommerce – all of which can be found right here on our blog!

With that said, for today’s blog post we’ve brought to you words of wisdom straight from validation and auto-address complete extraordinaires Fetchify as they explore the importance of a top-notch checkout for your online store and how you can achieve one. Take it away guys!

How can I streamline my online checkout?

As more and more businesses rely on their online presence to generate sales and boost their reputation, the importance of a streamlined checkout has never been more critical. Not only will this help you to improve the way customers view you, but it will also help to build confidence in your brand and ultimately lead to more sales and greater overall functionality.

Here are a few ways to start streamlining your own online checkout today:

Simplify your forms

Customers soon tire of filling out form after form, so keep it simple. Reduce the number of forms you ask them to complete and take advantage of autofill functionality wherever possible. Address validation (as we will discuss in more detail) is one dynamic aspect of this, as accuracy is of course the key to ensuring customer purchases are delivered to the right address.

Simplifying your checkout process in this way will speed up purchases and persuade your customers to buy your product or services.

Go easy on registrations

Some websites demand that customers register for an account before they can make a purchase, but this could simply lead to abandoned carts and fewer purchases.

It is often wise to treat your approach to customer relations as more of an enticement to sign-up rather than a requirement, as this allows visitors more freedom and helps them trust your company far more than they would if too many things are demanded from them up-front.

The details which you will need from your customers are likely to vary, depending on the industry you are in and the nature of the product you sell. A happy medium could lead you to ask customers for a registration post-purchase, ensuring you secure some sign-ups without being overtly ‘pushy’.

Use Address Auto-Complete

Address Auto-complete is your ideal partner when seeking to streamline your checkout. Time-consuming and prone to errors, address entry is one area where clever tech from Fetchify can help you out. We encourage companies to try our dynamic address lookup tool, Address Auto-Complete. Global in reach and configurable to any countries or territories required, the tool provides a fantastic user experience – complete with a reported 20% boost in basket conversions. 

This is great news for businesses eager to streamline their online checkouts with accurate, scalable address verification.  Easy to implement with pre-built integration for most major eCommerce platforms

Why not try it with a 14-day free trial at


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