How are Limely’s Audience Staying Motivated whilst WFH?

11 January 2021| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

You might have seen on our Instagram a couple of days ago that we posted a little fun game of ‘this or that’ onto our stories.

As things didn’t magically return to normal at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, we wanted to see how our lovely audience was coping with entering the new year still working from home.

So, we asked our audience via Instagram stories how exactly they’re spending their time working from home – what they’re snacking on, what set up they’re working at and even what they’re wearing. We thought we’d share some of the results with you and take a look at what the experts are saying about what we should all be doing to keep motivated and working hard.

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We asked: What are you drinking?

So according to our poll, 60% reach for the coffee in the morning, where 40% of you prefer a nice cup of tea. But how important is your morning drink when working from home?

Well, it’s common knowledge that our favourite morning time drinks contain caffeine that gives us that needed spike of energy that gets the brain waves flowing. But did you know that a good cuppa’ joe or a sweet tea can put a dampener on your hydration?

Many of us don’t even realise that what we’re are feeling throughout the day can be directly linked to not drinking enough water. Dehydration can impact your concentration, energy and even your mood. Within a study of what exactly dehydration can do, researchers found that increasingly dehydrated individuals ‘made more errors during attention-related tasks,’ – something that would not bode well for you and your mile-long to-do list.

So, it’s important that alongside your brew, you’re knocking back that H2O to keep yourself hydrated. Try getting yourself a fancy bottle to make it even easier!

We asked: Where are you working?

Yes we know, FROM HOME. But where at home have you set up your little nerve centre? Well, 86% of your said you were working from a desk, wheres 14% said you were working from your soft office – the sofa.

It’s true that working from home can make the idea of doing your tasks from the sofa, or even your bed, very appealing. But having an efficient work station has been found to be very crucial for staying focused and motivated, as well as upkeeping your overall physical well being! Being slumped on a sofa or bed is bound to wreak havoc with your posture; setting you up for potential neck and back pain in the near future.

That said it’s important to have a well balanced, well-proportioned desk and chair that remains at the right height to avoid any strain. Plus, it’s such a good idea to have a separation between your workspace and where you relax so it feels all the sweeter when you clock off and kickback.

Click here to see what Posture People say about setting up the most beneficial work station!

We asked: What’s distracting you?

What is working from home without a plethora of distractions? If it’s not your phone, it’s your pet and if it’s not your pet, it’s your children and let’s face it, when you’re procrastinating even the laundry becomes a more appealing task.

According to our Insta Poll, 78% of you said you get distracting by socials, where 22% of you said it was online shopping that drew you away from your work. But how do we tackle getting sucked into TikTok, Instagram and ASOS?

Well, according to our research, it’s all about breaking up your work. No matter how much work you have to do, nothing good is going to come from long hours of not moving and staring at your computer screen. So, in aid of your productivity and most importantly your mental well being, be sure to take regular breaks, take some time to walk around and even pop outside for a bit to distance yourself from all the hustle and bustle.

It’s looking like we’re going to be in this situation for quite a while so it’s important that whilst we’re getting our work done that we are nice to ourselves and keep in mind that we are still smashing it!

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