Here’s What We’re Expecting From Apps in 2019

7 January 2019| Post by Adam4 minutes


From exploring a new city to counting calories, there isn’t much you can’t do with an app nowadays. But the future only looks brighter! We’ve rounded up all the latest predictions for the app world in 2019.

It’s officially the year of the app. According to us and a load of high-profile tech websites anyway. As smartphone and tablet use increases in the UK and worldwide, app development subsequently evolves too. It’s not just about having the most beautiful, functional website anymore! We thought we’d kick off 2019 by exploring the world of mobile applications and what’s to come…

The future of apps in 2019

We’re really excited about apps this year, so here are some of our favourite predictions, trends and recommendations from across the web. Check out these hot tips:


You may have heard a little about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in 2018. This year, we’re expecting to see AMP go mainstream – expect to see these almost-instant load times become the standard as Google rewards those using them. Want to appear higher in SERPs and improve user experience for your website? Build an AMP version, proudly present the lightning-bolt logo and expect great things! ⚡️

Consumer spending

Last year, the consumer spend on app store products reached $100 billion worldwide. Many predictions show that this figure could shoot up to any figure between $120 and $160 billion. For statistics of this nature, we have to take into account things like initial app costs, subscription charges and in-app spending. It seems entirely logical that consumer spending is only going to increase this year, with around 60% of the world’s population in possession of a smartphone.

Video streaming

According to industry expert App Annie, every hour in 2019 will include ten minutes of video streaming on smartphones. It’s certainly a bold claim, with the figures showing a 110% increase “from 2016 to 2019”. However, with apps like Tik Tok, Disney+ and Hulu, it’s understandable. Instagram and Snapchat further fuel this fire with the introduction of their video streaming features in 2018. Plus, Netflix and YouTube floated around the top of the ‘Top Grossing’ App Store chart.


A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a quick blog post about the current realities of 5G. As it stands, the rollout will be happening over the next 12 months but it’ll be 2020 before it’s anything close to mainstream. However, this also means that apps in 2019 will have to start considering the impact of 5G and how they can develop to take advantage of faster connection speeds. The benefits? Less delay, more coverage, more powerful wireless connections and much quicker file transfer. Oh… and a better overall experience, of course!

Android Instant Apps

The rise of Instant Apps is undeniable. Currently, they’re only available on certain devices but we’re expecting them to be rolled out entirely over the course of 2019. If you’re not aware of Android Instant Apps, they work like this: Google Play will check to see if you can open any link you click on with an app – if there’s one available, it’ll open said link via the app for a better user experience. You don’t have to have the app installed on your device and it’ll disappear once you’ve closed it.

Augmented reality

Although AR is still a long way off being totally mainstream, we’ll certainly see it evolving this year. With companies like Facebook and Google spending billions on AR technology, you can hope to see new things cropping up throughout 2019. According to the Telegraph, the industries that will be taking advantage range from retail to gaming to health and safety. Exciting times!

Here’s to the future of apps in 2019

We’re looking forward to seeing how apps on our smartphones and tablets become more and more user-friendly, technologically-advanced and visually stunning over the next 12 months. And for a few quick app recommendations, here are some you could try downloading this year. They’re set to be the next hottest thing:

What are you most looking forward to about tech in 2019? Be sure to keep checking back on our blog for the latest trends, news and our hot takes on tech stuff. If you miss us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for updates.


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