Hart & Co Goes Live!

29 October 2019| Post by Szymon3 minutes


Scribbling down our ‘Hart & Co Choose Limely’ blog feels like yesterday.

But, as if by some Halloween magic, the site is live and looking fine! It has taken Limely just under four months to completely makeover Hart & Co’s original site – implementing bespoke designs, high-quality images and flawless development in order to result in a highly efficient and beautiful site that truly represents the business itself.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Hart & Co over the last couple of months, and we can’t wait to continue our work with them in the future! In the meantime, let’s take a minute to stand back and admire all of Limely’s and Hart & Co’s hard work.

A Bit of Back Story

If you didn’t catch our welcome post, let’s get you up to speed. Hart & Co are a property company sat snug in the heart of Chester who specialises in selling commercial and residential properties. They hold certain expertise in taking on properties in the retail, leisure and hospitality sector and use their 25 years in the business to provide their clients with a flawless service.

With such knowledge and experience within their industry, Hart & Co needed a website which rightly reflected as such. Enter Limely 😎

Utilising WordPress

Within the property industry, a modern, easy to use site with great UX is imperative. Your site is the hub of your business, and where the majority of your users will go to peruse the properties on offer and learn all about your business as a whole. With this in mind, Limely built a highly efficient site for Hart & Co that was not only easy to navigate for the user, but easy to edit for the business.

By using WordPress, we could not only build a site that looked good but one that could easily be customised; a must for a forever growing company like Hart & Co. We provided thorough training to the Hart & Co team where, over brews, Project Manager Matt taught them everything they needed to know about their new website, so they could change it where necessary. This included adding new properties and general bits and bobs to keep the site fresh and up to date.

But of course, Limely are always here if they needed that little bit of extra help. Click below to see the finished site for yourself!

Visit Website

If you’re looking for a flawless property site, contact Limely today! 🏡


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