GTA V is about to get a face lift – 3 years since release

19 August 2016| Post by Graham2 minutes


Nearly three years since it’s release (really!) is GTA 5 getting a little tired now?

Possibly, even for a timeless title like GTA V players are bound to get bored. Not by fault of game developer Rockstar more the over saturation of gameplay and the fact that we’ve “seen it all before” now.

Although, you may be surprised to learn that just around the corner is the release of a new mod by gaming expert Josh Romito and co.

If you’re still desperate for a fix of thieving and looting but want a fresh-looking game, this brand-new set of framework modifications might be just what you need.

Josh Romito’s GTA 5 Redux has reskinned the entire look of the game with tons of new aesthetic upgrades, new questionable police and pedestrian behavior, vehicle handling, special effects and graphical improvements.

There’s more weather scenarios to cause havoc in, new and improved landscapes and more natural foreground screen particle effects expected. In addition, cars, roads, signage and characters all appear much sharper, Los Santos never looked so slick.

The Mod is expected to be launched for download on September 16th; don’t sleep on this! Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of screenshots for you to salivate over:








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