Google’s New Shopping Section is On its Way!

14 February 2020| Post by Matt2 minutes


At the beginning of the year, Google set up a brand new shopping feature within its search results.

The bad news is that right now, it’s only available for those across the pond.  But the great news is, it’s making its way to the UK!

As of right now, ecommerce owners in the US are currently benefitting from this new shopping feature which was applied, unannounced, by search engine giants Google. The feature itself joins a range of nifty attributes which have been helping online shoppers with their purchases.

Along with star-ratings, images, price comparisons and suggested FAQs, Google have now made it so popular products from appropriate ecommerce sites appear straight onto SERPs through organic rankings. This enables potentially more traffic to your site, as well as increased UX as users are directed straight to their desired product, which has been deducted straight from their initial search.

The feature itself allows the searched product to be listed within the search engine results, and for the user to sift through the products using filters and sorters in which they can apply to narrow down sizes, colours and departments. The feature will also lead the user to where their desired product is stocked; listing a range of sites in which the product can be purchased. This not only makes life easier for the user but also brings benefits to those whose businesses reside online. Oh, and it’s a FREE benefit so, win-win.

So yes, this is all very exciting! As we said, the feature is not yet available in the UK, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out. Check back here for any updates!

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