Google’s New Immersive View

17 May 2022| Post by Szymon3 minutes


Google is renowned for its innovative approach to tech – and the new immersive view is no exception!

Last week, Google launched their brand new life-like navigation technology which completely revolutionises the way we currently use Google Maps and Street View.

How many times have you visited a city, restaurant or park, only for it to be super crowded or worse, completely different to how you’d imagined? The new immersive experience allows you to soar over and through a location before you visit – because who wants to be surprised in this day and age?

Google Immersive View

Image Credit: Google


The original Google Maps has evolved over the years into so much more than a navigational tool; how many times have you used the app to find the best café in town or to find the top attractions to suit your mood? The new technology embraces this evolution by providing more features than ever before.

Arguably, one of the most useful features is the overlaid map which provides live business and traffic information in a visual format. So you can find out if your favourite spot on the beach is free before you even get there!

Not only that, the time slider provides a glimpse into what an area looks like at different times of the day. So if you want to visit somewhere at night, you can get a feel for the environment and atmosphere before you even step foot outside – can we try it now please?!

Google Immersive View Map

Image Credit: Google

Whilst you may think the team at Google have gotten a little carried away with these brand new features, they haven’t forgotten about the environment in their new endeavour. The new update helps drivers find the most fuel-efficient routes to use for their journey. And we think this is a pretty remarkable upgrade from good ol’ Google Maps.

Technological Advancements

According to Miriam Daniel (VP of Google Maps) we can thank the advancements in computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) for this brand new immersive experience that is sure to enhance our everyday lives. The technology simply fuses together billions of aerial and street view images for an accurate digital depiction of the world that also seems to capture the feel and atmosphere of an area.

Not only that, Google utilises AI and augmented reality (AR) to overlay arrows and directions on top of your actual physical surroundings, woah! Daniels claims that this is particularly useful in complex and busy indoor surroundings such as airports or shopping centres.

Google AR Maps

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Google’s Live View technology is now available to other app developers so we’re sure that many companies will be utilising the tech in the near future; Whether it is a coffee shop directing you to it’s fresh coffee, a chocolate company hosting a virtual easter-egg hunt or even a video game.

When will it be available?

Whilst the new immersive view was launched on Wednesday of last week, it is currently only available to people visiting London, New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and San Francisco. Although, we are promised that it will be coming to more cities by the end of the year!

The main feature of the new immersive view is that users can get a feel and vibe of a place before visiting. The technology has moved maps along from simply being a navigational and functional tool to almost being a handy companion that can help users find the exact vibe and energy they are searching for – We think it’s pretty cool.

If you’re keen to find out more about augmented reality and to see how Google Maps has evolved over the years, keep up to date with our blog!


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