Google Digital Garage Opens for First Time in Scotland

18 July 2018| Post by Graham2 minutes


Say hello to Scotland’s first Google Digital Garage! Lucky Edinburgh.

Three years ago, Google opened its digital garage doors to the UK public for the first time. Now, Scotland has finally been given the privilege with their first physical instalment in Edinburgh city centre. Here’s the lowdown.

Images from Evening Times via Press Association 

A massive opportunity for Edinburgh

On Monday, Ruth Davidson MP – leader of the Scottish Conservative Party – officially opened the Google Digital Garage. The premises is in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council amongst other national and local organisations. Unfortunately, 16% of adults in deprived Scottish areas still don’t use the internet, whilst one in five lack “basic digital skills”. However, there’s hopes that this new project will start to bridge the technology skills gap. And it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. According to Ruth Davidson, employers are facing an increasing challenge to find people with “the right technical skills”. She also mentions the importance of growing the Scottish economy, which requires an emphasis on the technology sector.

What is the Google Digital Garage?

For those wondering (where have you been?!), the Google Digital Garage is essentially a free, skills-based initiative funded by both Google and relevant organisations. The project delivers free workshops to small businesses, entrepreneurs and local people – all based around digital marketing and using tech in a positive way. We all know Google’s reputation across the web, so who better to educate us on such matters? The ‘Digital Garage’ has already provided many training events to the people of Glasgow, but this Edinburgh store is Scotland’s first physical premises. Exciting times lie ahead for Scotland, especially after seeing the success of the Glasgow workshops!


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