Goodbye to Fake News: Facebook Teams Up with Full Fact

16 January 2019| Post by Matt2 minutes


The biggest social media platform in the world is finally taking responsibility for the spread of fake news in the 21st century, and actually doing something about it.­čŚ×

Since the presidential campaign of Donald Trump back in 2016, fake news has become a┬ámainstream phrase in the modern world. It was even announced as Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2017, joining Brexit, binge-watch and photobomb in lexical superiority. However, things have taken a turn for the worse. No longer is fake news a comical phrase used by the world’s most important man. It’s so ingrained in our society and culture that we simply don’t know what or who to believe anymore. One of the main culprits in this, Facebook Newsfeed, is looking to tackle the problem.

Facebook wants to tackle fake news with Full Fact

And so they should. They’ve been working with fact-checking services across the globe since 2016 (coincidence?). Now, the campaign has finally come to the UK. Just this month, independent fact-checking organisation Full Fact have announced that they’ll be working with Facebook to quell the raging wildfire that is fake news. From your standard news article to videos and images, Full Fact will be separating the truth from fiction when it comes to ‘fact-based’ reporting. So don’t worry, your favourite satire page or opinion blog won’t get thrown into the mix.

What will happen?

To the average person, you won’t see many changes. However, you’ll be able to report any content that you think might be spreading misinformation. Fact checkers, like Full Fact, will then review the content and decide if it’s deemed as fake news or not. A user sharing posts reviewed by Full Fact will be notified so everyone’s on the same page. Then, any content marked as ‘false’ by Full Fact will be shown lower down in News Feeds to strip away its priority to be read.

Is this the removal of free speech?

No. Users will be given the option to read information about why something has been flagged as false. The organisation is very clear about giving people an informed choice, without preventing what they read and share. After all, the initiative is meant to help people, not take away freedom.

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