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25 August 2020| Post by Szymon3 minutes


That’s right! Limely has gained yet another new client, and we are truly PUMPED.

We really don’t get bored writing these as we are just so excited to be welcoming a brand new client on board and kickstarting a new project. This time around, we will be working with GetOnSite – helping them to spread the word of their truly unique services.

In true Limely fashion, we thought we’d introduce you to GetOnSite as well as the work we’ll be doing. So, if you were wanting the latest gossip – read on!

First, who are GetOnSite?

GetOnSite are online induction specialists, who provide a web-based induction platform to help companies induct their staff, contractors and visitors before they arrive on-site or at their place of work.

For example, all construction sites must induct their workers; highlighting any particular risks and control measures that have been put in place. Through GOS’s platform, contractors can log in to the portal, complete their induction, and then, if they answer their induction questions correctly, are given an access code to gain entry to their place of work.

GetOnSite provides a platform for both the employee to complete their induction, and for the company to track and monitor submissions. As such a unique yet necessary service, GetOnSite should be receiving the attention and traffic they deserve with a site that truly represents their company and quality of service. This is where Limely comes in!

What will Limely be doing?

In order to ensure that GetOnSite is generating as much leads as possible, Limely are going to be designing and implementing a brand new lead generation site that will sell their services and funnel their users towards that ‘Get in Touch’ button.

As well as crafting new designs for the overall site, Limely will be specifically creating brand new sector pages which offer the available software to different industries – each one strategically designed to entice the target audience.

Limely will also be working alongside GetOnSite to design the forms that are available through their services; making sure they demonstrate the highest levels of user experience and work efficiently towards the user’s needs. Oh and we’ll make them look amazing too but, with Limely, that’s a given!

On top of all this, we’ll be doing everything possible to make sure that the site itself is performing at its fullest potential. This means optimising aspects such as page speed, PPC and SEO  in order to ensure that each aspect of GetOnSite’s website is demonstrating their services, engaging users and generating leads.

We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this! Be sure to watch this space for any project updates. 👀


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