Food Truck Design from Down Under

21 December 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Here’s something a little different for Limely. We recently took a break from UI Design to work alongside our first client from Down Under with their new business venture, AJ’s Food Truck

We were tasked by good friends and recent inhabitants of Western Australia, AJ’s Food Truck, to present a new brand and supporting vehicle livery for the first of their new fleet of food trucks dotted across Perth.

We started with a blank canvas

We began the project with a full 360 view of the new truck and a brief to ‘go to town’ on bringing this trailer to life!

blank food truck design canvas

We sketched out the dimensions

After we received the dimensions of the trailer truck, we wire-framed a workable area and came up with a basic sketch of where all the elements could sit on the page – taking into consideration the open and closed states of the Food Truck.

food truck design wireframe template

We produced various Logo Concepts

aj's food truck design branding concepts

Here’s the final chosen Logo

final Ajs food truck logo design

We then started on some concepts for the Truck

AJ's Food Truck Design in Photoshop

We then settled on the final artwork

End Panels

Final AJ's Food Truck Design End 1
Final AJ's Food Truck Design End 2

Side Panels

Final AJ's Food Truck Design Side Panel 1
Final AJ's Food Truck Design Side Panel 2

Promotional Materials

AJ's Food Truck Cup of Coffee Concept
AJ's Food Truck T-shirt Mockup

The final product, printed and applied

AJ's Food Truck with livery applied

AJ's Food Truck with happy customer beside it


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