Flintshire County Council Choose Limely

4 December 2020| Post by Graham3 minutes


Christmas has come early this week as we have received the best possible gift – a brand new client!

We are so excited to announce that we have recently collaborated with none other than North East Wales Local Authorities in their role as Nature Partnership Coordinators as they embark on a new online venture! We cannot WAIT to get the ball rolling for this particular project but before we do, let’s formally introduce you to the Nature Partnership, also known as Bionet, and what exactly Limely will be getting up to throughout the project.

So, who are Bionet?

Bionet is the name given to the Nature Partnership which covers the counties of Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. Their work involves analysing areas of improvement throughout the counties and providing environmentally sound solutions in which will benefit the conservation of local wildlife as well as the overall state of the surrounding natural landscape.

A lot of their work mainly consists of implementing conservation projects with their partners; bringing them all together to ensure that the quality of their natural environments is being maintained in the most sustainable way possible. Most of their work is volunteer and charity-based, and they pride themselves on their dedicated team who are continually striving to ‘enhance and protect their rich, natural heritage’.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be designing and developing a brand new website for Bionet; one that will provide them with their very own online hub that will inform and engage their users. Not only will it involve creating bespoke designs that reflect their work and ethics, but developing and applying features that make for great UX and a means for the user to learn all about what they do, what exactly they get up to across the region and how to get involved.

For example, as they partner with counties in North East Wales, Limely will be making sure that all of Bionet’s online visitors will be able to get the full experience of their website by enabling a multilingual feature that allows the user to switch effortlessly from Welsh to English.

Limely will also be working alongside Bionet to showcase detailed maps that will allow their users to see where exactly their projects had been conducted. This will help demonstrate their active work and allow the user to explore their projects in more detail.

Additionally, through implemented content and specific pages, users will be able to delve into Bionet’s projects, what exactly they get up to across the region, the results they have achieved and why their work is just so important. Through dedicated spaces for detailed resources, as well as plenty of CTAs that engage users to donate and get involved, Bionet’s new site will do nothing but spread awareness and ensure the continuation of their amazing work.

So, let the work begin! Be sure to keep up with the Limely blog to find out how the project progresses.


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