Flexible Trading Shop Choose Limely

22 October 2021| Post by Graham2 minutes


We’re excited to announce that we have a new client and this time ’round, we’re making a whole new site for ’em.

Our new client, Flexible Trading Shop, approached Limely wanting a website made from scratch. As you’ll all know, they’ve come to the right web agency. We’re really buzzed for this project, but before we get into the specifics, we’ll tell you a bit more about our new client.

Who are they?

Flexible Trading Shop provide flexible PVC products to customers, with a focused approach to provide customers with high quality levels of service and high quality products complying with industry standards.

They dedicate themselves to not only making high quality products, but ensuring that they’re safe for the planet, too. Flexible Trading Shop pride themselves in creating eco-friendly products that are UV stable, non-toxic, flexible PVC which is suitable for use in a food environment.

What will Limely do?

We’re going to build a whole new site for Flexible Trading Shop, creating an E-commerce platform for them to be able to sell their products directly to consumers. This will Limely’s first site using Aero Commerce and we’re super excited to get started!

Focusing on building a smooth, flawless design, we’ll simultaneously be improving the user experience and thus increasing conversions. With every one second delay on your site, you’ll see a 7% decrease in conversions. So, Limely are going to quite literally bring their site up to speed with the loading times.

We’ll introduce technical SEO to optimise the site with in-page SEO to help improve rankings. Additionally, we’ll incorporate optimised Call To Action’s (CTA), creating clean product pages and increasing conversion through design.

The site will not only look good on a computer screen, but will look good on mobile, too. As just over half of website traffic comes from phones, we’ll be heavily mobile focused when designing and developing this site, to maximise user satisfaction and increase leads, conversions and sales.

If your business is after a swanky new site, contact Limely today for a jolly little chinwag about our websites.


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