F Ball Rewards Goes Live!

5 July 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

For F Ball Rewards Limely were set with a design challenge that we couldn’t wait to get ‘stuck’ into

And now, we can officially announce that they’re live!

Over the past couple of months, Limely’s design team have been hard at work creating a brand new look for F Ball Rewards, a site in which highlights all of the, you guessed it, rewards that can be offered on all of F Ball’s products. Before we get into exactly what we have achieved for F Ball Rewards, let’s give you a little refresher of who they are what our project was.

But, if you’re a bit impatient and want to see the finished thing right now, click below!

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Who are F Ball Rewards?

F Ball are the UK’s number one leading brand for flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products. A family-run business, F Ball pride themselves on their customer-centric attitude towards their service and their knowledge and experience in their field. Just one example of their high level of customer service is the existence of F Ball Rewards. This scheme allows F Ball’s customers to claim cashback, and other rewards when purchasing their products. As well as chances for things like double cashback and the chance to be about of the premium scheme, F ball rewards also include competitions with incredible prizes. Available for any F Ball customer who’s signed up to the service, there is just no end to F ball’s efforts of making their customers feel cared for.

It was this side of F Ball that required a sprinkle of magic from Limely, and our designers got to work on redesigning it so it could truly shine and show those not taking part, exactly what they were missing.

What did Limely do?

With that said, Limely got to work on sprucing up F Ball rewards, giving their existing designs a little bit of a makeover so the site could perform at its fullest potential and engage of its users.

As well as an easy to use navigation menu, Limely designed and implemented plenty of buttons and CTA links to make sure the user could reach everything they would need to find out more about F Ball Rewards and how they could sign up to the scheme themselves.

As well as this, we did a spot of iconography – creating bespoke, individual icons to help the user understand how F Ball works, and to add some pizzazz to the overall page.

Overall, we think the page came out great! What do you think?

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