Euroventure’s Custom Trip Builder is Here

12 June 2018| Post by Gavin3 minutes


Not one to follow the crowd? Euroventure’s brand new feature could be right up your street.

Remember earlier this year when we launched a brand new website for the interrailing experts at Euroventure? Well, we’ve been working away behind the scenes to enhance the site even further. It’s time to reveal the much-anticipated custom trip builder!

What’s it all about then?

The custom trip builder is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a feature where anyone who’s looking into interrailing can design their very own trip from start to finish. There’s a whole range of set trips offered by Euroventure, from the Balkan Trail to the Swiss Explorer. But not everyone wants to follow a set path. Often, backpackers are seeking their own path and have a list of destinations they want to tick off. This is where the custom trip builder comes in. It allows the user to customise their very own interrailing journey, with sensible recommendations from a clever algorithm. This is how it’s explained to users on Euroventure’s site:

Features of the custom trip builder

Short and sweet form

Once the user has clicked on the page, they’re greeted with the above explanation. All they have to do next is fill in a short and simple form to get the ball rolling. The information they fill in here will inform the outcome of their trip, for example where they’ll be starting from and how many people they’re travelling with.

Create your trip

So the form has been filled in and the user is taken to the next step of the trip builder. Here, they’ll be given recommendations based on their starting location, but they’re free to choose their own, too. The Google-powered map to the right shows a real-time route being created as the user clicks on their destinations. There’s also a counter underneath the map that updates with the nights you’ll stay and how many cities you’ll visit. Take a look:

Of course, this is just a quick example but as you scroll through the images, watch how the map changes with each added destination! To really get a feel for how the trip builder works, why not try it out for yourself here?

Make it perfect

Once you’ve decided on all the destinations you’d like to visit, the trip builder then finishes off with a chance to tweak the duration of your stay in each place. This is what it looks like in action:

That’s it!

You can then send off your custom trip and the Euroventure team will email over a quote to you. Simple as that. We’re really proud of the custom trip builder we’ve designed and developed for the site, let us know what you think and join in the conversation on social media.

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