Dreams X Limely: Team GB Sleep Partners Goes Live!

28 May 2021| Post by Adam3 minutes


Back in February, Limely were over the moon to announce the launch of their collaboration with none other than Dreams.

And now we’re back again with some more great news!

Dreams chose Limely to rejig and build an area within Sleep Matters Club in which honours their partnership with the Team GB Olympians & Paralympians. (Eeeek! 🥳 ) And now that project has officially gone live and we’re so excited to share the results with you!

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Dreams & Team GB’s Partnership

Back in 2019, Dreams announced that they were to be the official sleep partners of Team GB as they take part in the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan. As you will already know, the Olympics was pushed back due to the pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped Dreams from supporting Team GB as they train and represent Great Britain.

For Team GB, rest and sleep are of the utmost importance to promote health, well-being, recuperation and of course, an outstanding performance! So with a great night’s sleep as a top priority, who better to partner up with than Dreams, who will be making sure that each Team GB Olympian is equipped with a top-quality Dreams mattress and sleep expertise that will help them achieve the night’s sleep they deserve.

To further inform their online audience of their partnership, as well as where they could shop for Team GB approved mattresses, Dreams needed an area on their existing site which they could use stylish design, informative content and their renowned shopping experience to provide the perfect home for all things Dreams X Team GB. This is where Limely came in!

What Limely did

After redesigning and rejigging Dreams’ space for Sleep Matters Club, Limely went ahead and started to do the same for their Team GB area. This included tweaking designs and layouts, as well as migrating images and content, to a dedicated space found amongst the helpful support and guidance of the Sleep Matters Club.

Overall, Dreams’ new space for their Team GB partnership allows users to know exactly what it entails, as well as getting everyone excited about the lead up to the Tokyo Games. This is demonstrated through images, content, a fun countdown calendar and a handy built-in feature that allows you to keep up with how many medals Team GB has won so far.

Alongside all of this, Limely has made sure to include all of Dreams’ original Team GB content and create areas that allow for all of the latest news, expert guides written by both Team GB and Dreams, and even athlete bios that can help their users get to know Team GB a little better.

As well as being a great source of information and guidance for their interested viewers, Limely made sure that the Dreams X Team GB space also upheld the best possible shopping experience. This meant creating buttons and CTA links that would not only effortlessly guide users through content but also direct them to where they can find and shop the Olympian approved mattress.

We are so happy with how this space turned out and over the moon that Dreams entrusted Limely with their web design work once again!

To view the finished project, click below!

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And to have a nose at the previous work we did for Dreams, click here!

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