Critical Apple iOS update to avoid ‘Pegasus’ malware issue

26 August 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


PSA: Update your iPhone – it is now at risk of ‘Pegasus’ malware issue

Security experts at Apple & Lookout have recently identified a malware attack that’s spreading through Apple iOS devices (all iPhones/iPads). The attack has been known to record sounds, collect passwords, read text messages, record calls and track users.

All iOS versions 9.3.4 and below are vulnerable: Update Now

A security patch has been released today on the Apple Software Update application.

An Israeli cyber warfare company has designed and released a mobile spyware product, ‘Pegasus,’ specifically launched to attack high-value targets (namely celebrities, political leaders and people of importance). That’s not to say however, that your phone isn’t likely to be affected.

Using one of three known iOS 9.3.4 security vulnerabilities — dubbed ‘Trident’ — the exploit is capable of hijacking an iPhone or iPad with a single click.

If you’re currently running iOS 9.3.4 (or older), update your device immediately.


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