Crafting the Perfect Landing Page

18 May 2020| Post by Robbie5 minutes


A fab form of digital marketing for your online store, it’s vital that you hit the nail on the head

As we have explored in previous blog posts, there are many forms of digital marketing, some that will suit and benefit your unique company more than others. But one method in particular that seems to bring results for any online business is a landing page; a great way to direct traffic to your site whilst demonstrating your very own house style. But to fully reap the benefits of a landing page, such as increased conversion, sales and brand awareness, it must be ship-shape.

With that said, we thought we’d share with you our top 4 ways you can guarantee a perfect landing page which entices users and boosts your traffic.

Firstly, what is a landing page?

A landing page is a form of marketing that strays away from the usual posts, ads and campaigns that eventually get lost amidst our timelines. A landing page sits surreptitiously on your site as a single page that has been made simply for marketing purposes. These pages cannot be easily found within your navigation menu, but act as another entrance page for users who come across your site within SERPS, email marketing or other ads.

But what makes this different to any other optimised page on your website you may ask? Well, a landing page would have been strategically crafted and designed with one single goal in mind and that usually surrounds funnelling the user to your main site and services, as well as completing the particular action that you have put in the spotlight.

Your landing page can contain anything you like – whether you want to draw attention to certain products, services, promotions or even enquiry form on your page. It allows you to direct the customer straight to what you want them to see, enabling an opportunity for no-nonsense marketing which funnels the user straight to your point of focus. It helps boost your conversion rates, site traffic and ultimately your sales.

Landing pages themselves come in many forms, which have made them quite universal when it comes to assessing whether it will particularly fit your business. From seasonal landing pages which helps your site gain traction during specific retail events, to lead generation pages that direct users straight to your services, there’ll definitely be a way for you to benefit from this effective form of marketing.

Creating the best landing page

So, here are a few boxes you can tick to make sure you are using landing pages to their fullest potential.

It has an obvious CTA

You must be able to clearly differentiate your landing page from the usual content found on the rest of your site. This means clearly demonstrating the obvious call to action for the user. In other words, it must be strategically formatted and designed to engage the user and persuade them to take the proposed action.

This might be to browse or purchase specific products of focus during a particular retail event, filling out a certain form or even directly contacting your business. This needs to be made crystal clear or else it will defeat all purpose of the landing page. It needs to be concise and to the point, putting your main marketing focus on a pedestal so it will get people clicking.

Themed designs to stand out

Themed designs that correlate with your point of focus also wouldn’t go amiss! It helps with user experience and provides a great frame for your landing page content; giving it that extra bit of oomph. This might be designs themed with a certain retail event, an attractive and efficient form or even easy to use buttons that will prove irresistible to click.

Engaging copy to solidify conversion

Same goes for the written content! With a landing page, it has never been so important to make your content engaging, inviting and easy to read. It should entice the user to delve further and also relate to your marketing focus. It’s also important to interlace your brand’s style and tone, especially how you will be representing your whole business to newbies who may have stumbled across your page for the first time.

Trust is key

And for those new users and potential customers, evoking trust on your landing page is key.

Similarly to other pages on your website, there are certain attributes you can apply to make the user feel safe and trust your business and its website; a vital factor, especially for sites that ask for personal details. Simple ways you can demonstrate a level of trust and reliability for your users are;

  • Evidently displaying trust badges – whether that’s reputable brands you stock/work with, or trusted payment platforms.
  • Integrating review platforms and making customer reviews a feature on your landing page.
  • Integrating your social platforms to show your users your online presence and demonstrate your credibility.

Are you wanting to benefit from a landing page? Let us show you what we can do – contact Limely today!


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