The Coolest Workspaces in the Tech Industry

16 October 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


The modern workplace waves goodbye to a humdrum grid of isolated cubicles. Chatting by the water-cooler is no longer the most exciting part of a workday… just being there is!

Here at Limely, we’re all about creating a unique working environment. We really pride ourselves on never having that dreaded Monday morning feeling. Believe it or not, it’s quite a common theme in the tech industry, actually. The more fluid the workspaces, the better the ideas flow.

The most exciting offices in the tech industry

Since it’s Monday, we thought we’d find some other places where ‘Monday blues’ just don’t exist. Although, these guys have done it on a bit of a bigger budget to us… Check out some of our favourite workspaces from around the world!

Uber office in London

The interior designers at Uber have really taken advantage of texture and colour in their London office. We love the concentrated wall of artwork – it gives the office a really homely feel.

Image credit: Office Snapshots

Dropbox San Fransisco HQ

The neutral┬ácolour scheme of Dropbox’s San Fran office is really easy on the eye. We also love the greenery – everyone needs plants in their life!

Image credit: Custom Spaces

Airbnb HQ

There seems to be a correlation between San Fransico and cool workspaces. We can’t say we’re surprised, though. These Airbnb offices are like a real-life dreamscape! The various styles and themes must really boost creativity and offer fresh inspiration around every corner.

Image credit: Custom Spaces / Office Snapshots

LinkedIn Office in New York

We love LinkedIn’s dedication to their blue colour scheme. Their Empire State-based office looks like the perfect combination of cosy and contemporary.

Image credit: Office Snapshots

Indeed office in Austin

Everyone’s favourite job search site has really gone the extra mile when designing its offices. Around every corner is another Instagram-worthy space – perfect to keep employees motivated!

Image credit: Office Lovin’

Vodafone offices in Istanbul

It seems that Vodafone really loves graffiti! They’ve also stuck to their red colour scheme to create a warm, inviting workspace.

Image credits: Office Snapshots

Get inspired

Granted, you might not have the budget of some of the above companies. However, there are little ways we can take inspiration from these modern workspaces to truly boost employee creativity and productivity. Maybe add a plant or two to the office? Or how about swapping out the 70s armless reception chairs for some comfy and colourful armchairs?


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