How Content Repurposing Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Site

6 February 2017| Post by Graham4 minutes


Maintaining a website can be overwhelming, particularly for small business owners who have more important things to do, like make money. Enter content repurposing.

Just think of the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a piece of content for your site. A blog post begins with an idea, which is backed by research, developed and then optimised. Not forgetting the time spent promoting it once it goes live. Idea generation alone can be challenging. How do you choose a theme that’s interesting and engaging? How do you know what people are actually searching for? The questions are endless. But the key is to make your content work for you, not the other way around.

What is Content Repurposing

Instead of coming up with one idea and writing one piece of good content, why not generate several pieces of content out of one amazing idea?

Content repurposing is a single idea with legs and one that maximises your online marketing efforts. Less time spent at the drawing board and more time reaping the benefits of increased traffic through new audiences. You’re basically throwing a party that every man and their dog want an invite to. Did we mention it’s great for SEO?

Reaching New Audiences

Reaching New Audiences

Different demographics digest information differently. Some users prefer to watch videos where as others would opt for an infographic or webinar perhaps. By spreading the same message via different marketing assets you are widening the net on new audiences.

Breathe New Life Into Old Content

It doesn’t have to a new idea either. Consider old blog posts that were well received by your audience. A piece of content that had a lot of likes, shares and comments. If so, dust off the cobwebs, give it the attention it deserves and repurpose it. Although there is no time limit on repurposing content, this is a definite quick win.

How Do I Repurpose Content

There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose your content. All of which are considered as quality content signals by search engines, which can help rankings and strengthen your site as whole.

YouTube is one of the most powerful video platforms at present, to the extent that it’s making normal people famous via ‘vlogging’ (or video blogging to all you oldies).

Transform your blog post into a handy informational video. The web is a much more visual place since many people prefer to watch videos as opposed to reading content. Don’t miss a trick!

There is a misconception that search engines are unable to index PDFs. However Google technically makes no distinction between an HTML page and a PDF.

PDF E-Book

Search engines can index a PDF as long as it isn’t password protected or encrypted. In fact, PDFs appear exactly the same on any device, which gives it a great advantage over other document types.

Give the information within your blog a sense of exclusivity by creating ‘how to guides’ for example. Offer these guides as a downloadable E-book, which can provide both text and visual elements. Then use social media platforms as a vehicle for amplification. A move that will increase your reach, particularly with the use of a hash tag.

Hold the phone! What better way to capture data than request contact information upon download? Particularly if the purpose of your site is lead generation – a great way to increase leads.

Infographics are the perfect way to break your content into easy-to-digest segments. They serve as a popular marketing asset that helps drive relevant traffic to your site. If you aren’t design-savvy there are sites like Canva that make it extremely easy to produce.

Climate Change Infographic City Structure Infographic Bike Safety Infographic

Webinars don’t have to be so formal, take a look at Facebook Live or Snapchat stories for instance. They are forms of interactive webinars – you have a live audience and you’re sharing content.

Hosting a live webinar can be a daunting thing that must take planning (unless you’re great at winging it). Obviously you won’t have a live audience if you don’t shout about it beforehand. So ensure you promote it well in advance in order to make the most impact.

This list of repurposing ideas is certainly not exhaustive but gives you a great starting point to take your hard work to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Get out of here.


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