Can You Use Social Media to Sell Your Products Online?

14 August 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

Social media is one of the most popular online activities in the world

And sees constant traffic, with 3.6 billion of us logging on every day. So, utilising its readymade audience and marketing capabilities to kickstart your online business sounds like a no brainer, right?

By creating an account for your business, you can showcase products through your images, gain a following, utilise hashtags and begin building the foundations of your brand in front of an ever-growing audience – sounds like the perfect concoction to hit the ground running. But how exactly do you get to the next step of using social media to sell your products and services?

Using Facebook and Instagram to sell, sell sell

As well as seeing what your high school friends are up to and scrolling through aerial pictures of people’s avocado on toast, image-centric platforms like Facebook and Instagram come armed with features that when used correctly, can help you sell your products via social media.

Facebook Shops

Back in May, the boffins at Facebook introduced Facebook Shops. This is a way for small businesses to set up their own online store quickly and for free, with help from partners such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Using Facebook Shops, you’re able to not only benefit from all the tools you would need to efficiently sell your wares online but integrate other apps and platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp.

According to Facebook, Facebook Shops allows you to create catalogues or place specific focus on products from already existing lists in order to promote and sell. You can also adapt your Facebook Shop, editing cover images and your very own storefront to help portray your brand. Setting up your own Facebook shops gives you the ability to start your online business without a second thought, and gives you access to benefit from Facebook’s evergrowing audience.

Instagram business

With Instagram’s shopping feature, you have the ability to connect your existing Facebook shop, create an account for your business and benefit from all the tools that come along with it.

One of those tools includes Instagram Shopping. Through Instagram Shopping, you can integrate your Facebook Shop catalogue and officially transform the product images on your feed into opportunities for customers to purchase them.

You can tag products in posts and stories, benefit from catalogue pages that include more images, prices and product descriptions and track your progress and analytics.

A sufficient starting point for those wanting to dip their toe into the world of ecommerce, utilising Facebook and Instagram Shops could help you make decisions that could benefit your business further down the line.

But, it’s not the be-all and end-all of ecommerce…

Although Facebook and Instagram Shops can be an amazing way to get your new online business on the right path, it shouldn’t stop there. Yes, it offers you with all the basic tools to sell online, but it does not give you much room for growth or the chance to demonstrate your customer service and unique brand presence – one that could potentially help you trump your competitors.

As your business progresses and grows, you should start to think about letting your online store grow with it. With your own online space, you can dedicate your time to making every corner reflect your business, and demonstrate to the customer how fantastic you really are.

It can allow you to illustrate your quality service and attention to customer care through things like content, navigation and checkout/payment process, and eventually help you gain constant and repeated business.

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