Bye Bye, Magento 1!

13 February 2020| Post by Niko4 minutes


‘Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. Magento 1, Magento 1 is gone.’  Well, it will be in June 2020.

Enough of the bad James Blunt impressions, the real focus here is that it’s only 4 months until Magento 1 end of life.

With the date fastly approaching, we’ve been seeing the same question being thrown about, directed particularly towards business and ecommerce site owners. And that question is, ‘Are you prepared?’

What we mean by ‘The End of Magento 1’

So when we say, ‘it’s the end of Magento 1’, we don’t mean your current Magento 1 site will cease to exist by the time we get to June, so wipe that panicked look off your face. But what we are saying is that, a bit further down the line, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle if you have not upgraded to the latest version of Magento by the time June 2020 rolls around.

Since they announced the Magento 1 end of life back in September 2018, Magento themselves have been stressing the importance of upgrading to Magento 2, the latest form of which was updated to Magento 2.3 at the beginning of 2020. This is because, when we reach June 2020, Magento will not be updating or providing substantial support for Magento 1, and will be pouring the majority of their focus on the latest versions of their ecommerce platform.

But don’t picture doom and gloom for June, as for those who fail to upgrade probably won’t be seeing an immediate effect. But Magento does warn that this may not last.

As Magento 2.3 continues to progress and get bigger and better than ever, those that remain on Magento 1 will become more susceptible to faults, security breaches and basically be more likely to fluff up. Obviously, Magento would not want this to reflect their services, or would they want your online business to suffer, hence the importance that has been placed on upgrading.

What is the next step for you?

Well, in one word – upgrade! Obviously here at Limely, we’re massive fans of Magento and use it as one of our main platforms when we build ecommerce sites. We love its efficiency, what it offers in terms of functionality and its built-in features which open up a world of opportunities for our clients.  For those remaining on Magento 1, we’re sorry to say you’ll be missing out on some pretty cool stuff for your site, which obviously could end up having detrimental effects on your online business – and who wants that?!

As time ticks on, the more your Magento 1 site is in danger of being under cyber attack and depleting in terms of its functionality and usability. You deserve to use Magento at it’s best and benefit from all of its celebrated features, and lucky for you, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your site! Especially with the latest version of Magento up and running, your current site can be easily migrated onto the shiny, new and up-to-date platform. And that’s where Limely steps in.

What can Limely do for you?

So, you’ve made the leap and gone for a Magento 2.3 site – you good egg.  But what now? Well, with many online businesses and ecommerce site making the upgrade, Limely is very accustomed to shifting all the stuff from your old site to a new one, which has proved to be a smooth and easy transition thanks to Magento’s latest upgrade. It certainly won’t be a five-minute job and could take a while to get everything to our standards, but it’s definitely worth it, especially in the long run!

You wouldn’t be losing anything, only gaining – seeing your business with it’s optimised content, beautifully presented house style and bespoke designs housed by the up to date and highly efficient Magento 2.3, all courtesy of Limely. So, what are you waiting for! Upgrade, and then give Limely a call to whip you up something wonderful.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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