Building Your Brand with Web Design

12 April 2021| Post by Tom3 minutes


Building a website for your company not only a lot of technical work but a whole heap of creativity.

And for many start-ups and brand new businesses, a new website provides an opportunity to build a brand and make their mark in the industry.

The term ‘branding’ usually brings the same things to mind:

  • Brand name
  • Logos
  • Slogans/Taglines

And other aspects that when put together, create a unique identity for a business – one that will help them stand out amongst a sea of competitors and smash that first impression right out of the park.

But there is so much more to branding. As a business, you should be aiming to create a whole online world where everything can be lead back to your brand and this is easily achieved through attentive, creative web design.

But how?

Colour Palettes and Font

As well as applying your unique logo to your site, choosing an appropriate logo and colour palette is another great way to make your brand instantly recognisable. Choosing and sticking with certain colours and a sole font will not only mean your overall website design will be pleasing to the eye, but it allows users to relate those specific colours and lettering to your brand outside of your website. It’s also a great way to keep the design consistent and unique to you.

Tone of Voice

Your website’s design should leave plenty of room for your own informative content. Not only should your website’s content efficiently inform the user of who you are and what you do, but it should continue to evoke your unique style and approach. Taking your industry, services and target audience in mind, you should decide on a tone of voice for your content and continue it throughout your website. Should it be formal? Full of technical jargon with a professional tone? Or should it be fun and informal? Full of puns, jokes and fun little quips. The choice is up to you! (And your copywriter of course.)

If you need help filling your website with on-brand content, drop our in-house Copywriter a message at [email protected]


Once you have decided on your approach and tone, this can also be laced throughout your website’s design and the aspects in which build your brand’s character. This can be through images, animations, and even quirky and creative features of your design.

For example, look at what limely did for field marketing agency, Tactical Solutions. As a business based on both industry knowledge and creativity, we collectively came up with this fun design consisting of circles, blobs and floating dots to bring an air of fun, creativity and thinking outside the box.

Consistency Throughout

From the home page to the contact page and terms and conditions – every inch of your website is an opportunity to implement your branding. By doing so, not only are you demonstrating the professionalism, quality and flexibility of your brand but really submerging your user into your world. It shows your brand’s dedication to your industry, your customer’s experience and of course, the important first impression. Overall, a great website that involves creative branding does a hell of a lot for your business’ representation.

Are you in need of a bespoke website that does nothing but screams ‘you’? Contact Limely today and speak to our talented team of designers. 


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