Bionet Goes Live!

19 April 2021| Post by Matt3 minutes


After months of Zoom calls, group discussions, designing and developing – we can now say that Bionet is officially live!

Back in December, we were so excited to announce that we would be designing and building a brand new online space for Flintshire Council and their Biodiversity Partner – Bionet!

Limely has worked closely with Bionet over the past few months and are proud to say that their brand new website, along with refreshed branding, multi-lingual features and improved navigation, has officially been launched!

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But before we get too ahead of ourselves telling you exactly what we got up to, let’s give you a little refresher and reintroduce you to Bionet!

Who are Bionet?

The North East Wales Biodiversity Network, or Bionet for short, acts as the Local Nature Partnership for North East Wales covering the Counties of Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. They work with their selected counties, as well as various other nature partnerships, to ensure the preservation and awareness of their natural environment.

Most of their main work involves analysing areas of improvement throughout the counties and helping to promote and conduct projects that provide environmentally sound solutions that will benefit the conservation of local wildlife as well as the overall state of the surrounding natural landscape.

The majority of their projects are volunteer and charity-based and they pride themselves on their dedicated team who are continually striving to ‘enhance and protect their rich, natural heritage’.

In order to continue doing their great conservation work for their local counties, Bionet needed an online space in which would inform visitors of who they are, what they do and how they too can get involved. So they approached Limely with their vision and we got to work bringing it to life!

What did Limely do?

After sitting down with Bionet and getting a feel for their organisation and what they wanted to achieve, (of course, over Zoom) our design team got started on refreshing their branding and sketching out the first drafts of their brand new online space.

Our design team took Bionet’s old logo and gave it a modern revamp – adding a new font, colours and creating multiple variations so they can implement their brand on multiple platforms. These selected fonts and colour palettes were also used throughout the site; reiterating Bionet’s brand wherever we can to ensure that it’s instantly recognisable to users.

Alongside branding, designers whipped up a brand new online hub for Bionet, one that included space for quality images, informative content, helpful resources and forms that allow visitors to register their interest and get involved.

Once design was completed, the Limely developers swooped in to breathe some life into it. As well as implementing the necessary features to ensure optimum functionality and user experience, developers enabled a multi-lingual feature so users can effortlessly switch from English to Welsh at the touch of a button.

Additionally, alongside making sure that all the features, forms and buttons are in working order, developers integrated Bionet’s Instagram so visitors can preview their latest posts and could be led straight to their social platform.

In terms of their social media presence, Bionet has also been working with our in-house Social Media boffin to build up their platforms from the ground up and spread the word of their amazing work.

We’re couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out, and we think we truly did Bionet justice! But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

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