Behind the Scenes of The Limely Christmas Card: How we did it

9 January 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


We get it – it’s 2020 and you’d love us to shut up about Christmas already. But to be honest, we’re still not over how amazing our Christmas card was this year!

In the past we’ve brought you humour, we’ve brought you clever photoshop and we’ve brought you the whole Limely family sat in their natural habitat. But this year we thought we could go bigger. We put our creative noggins together to try and come up with a concept which would blow you all away. But how could we go above and beyond? How do you improve perfection? (kidding 😉)

This time around, we took one look at the advent calendars sat on our desks, and had that light bulb moment. So, we branched out from the office backdrop and thought we’d make something magical.

So, the idea was to create the best advent calendar you have seen, one where there’s was something a lot sweeter than chocolate popping out the windows – the Limely Team! So, we had the concept, we had the team and a Designer (our very own Adam) who was up to the task.

Firstly, Christmas Jumpers a-go-go!

The biggest task of the whole project was getting the whole team to remember to come in in their Christmas jumpers. And after one emergency trip into the city centre, we were all dressed and ready to go!

We ventured out beyond the office to find lighting that would show off our good sides. We had also worked out that an old picture frame would be the best prop in order to create a realistic shot for our cute advent calendar windows. Clever ay? 🤓

Then, A Few Tweaks!

Once we had sifted through all the snaps and found the half-decent ones, Designer Adam uploaded them to Photoshop and got to tweaking. He took the final images and cut out each member of the team, all ready to be placed within their own little window. Some of us got very creative with our poses which proved from effective when it came to the final edit (as you’ll see with the final product).

We were going for realism with this one, so Adam edited the lighting and what not to bring our images from the office, into our advent calendar. He also made sure to sprinkle as much festive cheer onto each picture, making sure that the whole thing did a ‘Noddy’, and screamed Christmas.

Our strategic poses brought a cool three-dimensional aspect to the card, and Adam’s top-notch editing skills brought the whole thing to life.

The Final Product!

So after the photo shoot, the editing, the blood, sweat and tears – here is what we ended up with!


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