Behind the Scenes of Our Christmas Card: How We Made It

21 December 2017| Post by Adam3 minutes


Our Christmas card this year was definitely something to be proud of. Now, we’re going to give you a little sneak peek of how we created it…

We’re on the countdown to the Christmas break here at Limely and we’re wrapping up all the loose ends of our 2017 projects. It’s definitely been an exciting and jam-packed 12 months! However, we can’t wait for some well-deserved downtime with family and friends. Anyway, enough of our rambles. Let’s get to the part you all came for. How did we create our mantelpiece-worthy Christmas card? Stay tuned…

Behind the scenes

First things first, we needed to get in the festive mood. So, we cranked up the Christmas Spotify playlist and got the tree at the ready. Here are some snaps of the fairy light process (which is actually really stressful and highly underestimated).

Next, we had to rearrange the office. You may remember the new layout from the PR photo we took back in September… Well, it involves a lot of heavy lifting to set this scene up – including manoeuvring the pool table to a different part of the office and sliding the sofa into the shot. Of course, we had to shuffle the Christmas tree into position too. Here’s what our set-up looked like:

Once we’d got the layout right it was time to make sure the models were ready.

Lights, camera, action!

Everyone had got the ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ memo so the costume and wardrobe department had no trouble. It was mostly logistics that caused the issues! Trying to organise seven people into a photo-worthy stance without anyone blinking on ‘3!’ is pretty hard.

We finally got the models into the right position but we felt like something was missing. After all, a Christmas card where everyone is smiling is pretty overdone, right? So, we put our creative minds together and decided to create a scene of Christmas chaos where everyone was doing something different. But obviously, perfection doesn’t come straight away. Feel free to flick through a few of the outtakes and have a giggle at our expense.

When we checked to see if our hard work (!) had paid off, we noticed how dodgy the lighting was and needed to correct some settings on our camera. Once that was fixed, it was time to get the money shot. And here she is…

Spot the difference

Then it was time for our resident Photoshop wizard to work some magic on the original image. Take a look at some of the sneaky changes he made and see if you can spot the difference!

Okay, so now we’ve got you all excited, it’s finally time to reveal the entire Christmas card in its finished form. Take a look at how much cooler it looks after a Photoshop overhaul!


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