Beat It Goes Live!

2 March 2021| Post by Tom3 minutes


Drum roll please…🥁  Beat It is now officially live!

Yep, it’s our favourite kind of news. It’s time to put down what we’re doing, take a step back and admire all of our hard work as Beat It’s brand new website has officially been launched.

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Coming to us back in August, Beat It is a brand new company who were looking to nab a bespoke website that included designs, development and the creation of a subscription service for their customers.

After months of hard work, we can officially say that it has all paid off and Beat It’s brand new site and subscription service is up and running!

But before we get into what exactly the project entailed, let’s remind you of who Beat It are…

A little refresher

Beat It is a new, music sample provider that offers a wide range of music samples and other tools to DJs, music producers and other creatives looking to add a little musical flair to their projects. It’s kind of like Unsplash or Pexels but for the music world!

Their samples include basslines, drum beats, background music and vocals that can be used, edited and mixed into your own work.

With their new website, users will be able to purchase a subscription of their choice and unlock access to all of what Beat It has to offer. With their available credits, they can buy and download a certain number of tracks a week and then use them to their heart’s content.

What did Limely do?

Using a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce, Limely designed and developed Beat It’s brand new subscription-based site. Combing both funky, modern branding and customer-focused development, we created a space that would not only represent Beat It’s business but create a faultless experience for the user.

Our design team took into account Beat It’s industry and target audience and created cool, sleek designs that allowed them to stand out and portray their services. Not only did our designs include their branding, but icons, buttons and the overall layout of the site.

Music Production Software

Although not physical products, we set out to make sure all of Beat It’s samples and services were accessible and easy to purchase and download. We assigned all of their products into categories to ensure a smooth and easy shopping experience.

Our development team also created an account area for Beat It’s users which allows them to store their ‘credits’ after purchase and keep tabs on their monthly subscription as well as their downloaded samples and presets.

To further demonstrate their professionalism and attentive service, Limely also creates a blog area in which they could upload and publish their own articles that can assist and educate the user as well as boost their SEO.

We’re so happy with the results and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Beat It!

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