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11 August 2020| Post by Niko3 minutes


That’s right! We have a brand new client to introduce to you – one that’s got us singing and dancing.

Bad puns aside, we’re so excited to tell you all about the latest client to come aboard! We will be designing and developing a site for brand new start-up company (drum roll please🥁), Beat It!

Beat It is a sample provider, stocking a range of music samples for their subscribers to purchase and download, as well as other helpful tools for DJs and music producers alike. So, just before we strike up the band and get cracking, we thought we’d officially introduce you to Beat It and give you a little ‘sample’ of what exactly Limely will be doing!

Who is Beat It?

So, as previously mentioned, Beat It is a brand, spanking new start-up company who were on the lookout for the perfect agency to create their site and online HQ, (and obviously, they went with Limely) 😏 .

Beat It provide a wide range of music samples and other tools that aim to help out those working in the music industry, or even other creatives looking to add a bit of pizazz to their projects. Think of it as Shutterstock, but for music! This could range from basslines, drum beats, background music and vocals that can be mixed into your own project.

Once their site is up and running, courtesy of yours truly, customers will be able to purchase a subscription of their choice which allows them to buy and download a certain number of tracks a week and then use them to their heart’s content.

So, what will Limely be doing exactly?

Since this is a start-up, Limely will be doing everything from branding, design and development for Beat It; building an amazing new site using WooCommerce. As well as creating logos and designs for the site, we will be enabling the previously mentioned subscription service, as well as sculpting and developing the perfect online store. Obviously, like all of our client work, we will be creating Beat It’s new site with purely their customer’s in mind; making every aspect of their site easy to use, easy to navigate and overall, a flawless experience.

With their music samples and other tools being the products, Limely will be creating a range of categories to store and organise the samples, making them easy to locate and purchase in order to boost those UX levels.

Overall, Limely will be making sure Beat It not only have a stylish online space to efficiently sell their products and offer their services but one that truly represents their brand and helps make their mark in the industry.

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