Are you a fan of fidgeting? You need Fidget Cube

9 September 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Obsessed with clicking a pen? Shaking your leg? Drawing squiggles? This new KickStarter “Fidget Cube” have raised over $1.8m in their first week!

Thanks to the Fidget Cube, there’s now a boutique desk toy available that promises to appease your Fidgets and stresses without unknowingly annoying everyone around you.

This bite-sized plastic cube has six sides of various tactile activities to keep your free hand busy whilst you stay focussed on the daily tasks.

There are clickable buttons, a movable joystick, a spinnable wheel, turnable gears and a switch for you to fidget with. You might think… “It’s just like squeezing a stress ball” we would suspect it’s similar but probably nowhere near as fun as this.

Even if you don’t decide to back these guys on their new toy, don’t worry, they’ve already raised a staggering and ever-increasing amount on KickStarter ($1.8m in just over a week!)

Their success in my view is partly down to their extremely witty sales video, perfectly positioning this tool amongst other high-tec computerised applications.

For a good five minutes, you forget that this is just a piece of vinyl plastic with some other random knobs stuck on it on each side, that’s the genius here, the wit and overzealous messaging.

To check out their progress on KickStarter click here.


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