Alexander & Wilks Choose Limely

2 September 2021| Post by Molly2 minutes


Searching for Britain’s Finest Ironmongery? Look no further than our new client, Alexander & Wilks who provide all types of premium quality ironmongery, despatched same day!

Who are they?

Alexander & Wilks are architectural hardware and ironmongery specialists who bring luxury, high quality hardware into your home. Their niche is creating hand-crafted architectural hardware, using both time-honoured craftsmanship skills and the latest computer-aided manufacturing.

Door handles, knobs and cabinet hardware can be subtle or key statements within your home. They are often overlooked, but Alexander & Wilks understands the importance of finding the perfect product. Limely are getting started with designing Alexander & Wilks with a site of their own, to showcase their rapidly expanding product range, offering true value for money whilst ensuring that every PVD finish is backed by a full 25 year guarantee.

Alexander & Wilks have curated the best of British into one collection, allowing them to provide all types of ironmongery from traditional black forged and cast iron through to the main CNC machined, high polished modern finishes, simultaneously producing natural and man-made textures. The inspiration behind Alexander & Wilks reflects the heritage of two of Britain’s most famous engineers Sir Alexander Issigonis & Maurice Wilks, the designer of the original Mini, and the designer of the Land Rover respectively representing some of the most iconic designs in history!

What Limely will do

Limely will create a website where Alexander & Wilks can showcase their unmatched product range to customers. We will create a smooth and efficient user experience by generating a ‘Where to Buy’ page which will direct customers to an impressive list of quality retailers. Their site will be informative and run fluently, acting as a portfolio to present their range of professional and first-class products to consumers worldwide.

Alexander & Wilks’ new site will be more product specific, helping customers get to where they need to be whilst simultaneously learning about the various ironmongery and hardware that Alexander & Wilks manufacture.

Limely have got a real handle on things with this project, and can’t wait to get stuck in. Stay updated with the blog to have a gander at Alexander & Wilks’ new site when it goes live!

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