A Year in Review: Lingerie Outlet Store

11 February 2020| Post by Tom4 minutes


It’s been a bit more than a year since we put Lingerie Outlet Store live, but so much has happened and it needs talking about!

We’ve done loads for LOS over the past year in order to keep up with its growing brand – making sure it stays user-friendly and nothing less than perfect. Come and take a closer look at what we’ve been up to!

Firstly, a little about Lingerie Outlet Store

LOS became clients of ours back in February 2018 as they were looking for a brand new site to stylishly house their previously eBay-based online shop. LOS was on the up in the entrepreneurial world and was fastly becoming a renowned name in online retail for their impressive journey. Their Magento 2 site, courtesy of Limely, now holds their extensive product range, which is lovingly framed by bespoke designs and forever changing content that fluctuates throughout the seasons, making it the perfect, fresh and up to date ecommerce site.

To maintain the high level of efficiency and functionality, Limely has continued to tweak and improve LOS’s site to make sure it continues to reflect their stance within their industry, as well as their excellent service.  Here are a few features that Limely have implemented to their site in the past year!

The Fitting Room and Bra Calculator

Through collaborative work between Limely and LOS, we explored the amalgamation of the importance of user experience and the importance of LOS’s customers having access to the information they need to not only have the best possible service but find the best undergarments for them.

From this came the birth of the Fitting Room. Found directly on LOS’s navigation bar, the Fitting Room provides users with all the content they need to answer any queries on sizing as well as a multitude of links and contact information which directs them straight to LOS’s team if they were to have any further questions. This not only shows a high level of great user experience but also shows LOS’s professionalism and expertise for their products, evoking trust for their brand and reliability for their products.

This was then furthered by the introduction of the Bra Size Calculator which is a nifty little tool with a big impact. With this feature integrated into the Fitting Room page, users are able to input their measurements in order to calculate their individual bra size which they can then apply when browsing the site.

Inactivity Pop-Up

For users who find themselves leaving LOS’s site sat in their tabs, Limely implemented an inactivity pop-up window which automatically appears when a user returns to the tab after a certain period of time. When returning to the site, users will be greeted by this window which nicely displays a range of products which may urge users to continue browsing, and lead them to what they might be looking for.

It’s an effective way to keep users on your site, especially those that otherwise may have quit. It helps contribute to maintaining possibilities for conversion as well as great levels of customer focus.

Bra Type Categories

As an outlet store, Lingerie has an extensive list of products. So, it’s important that, in order to maintain good levels of UX, that these products are easy to locate and purchase.

By splitting Lingerie’s products into types/categories narrows down the user’s search, speeding up their shopping process and consequently leading to a better experience. Matched with images, users can be directly linked to the product they would like to find, as well as browse the other products on offer.

Seasonal Landing Pages

As a retail site, it was only right that Lingerie Outlet Store were shown to keep up with all the other retail events that take place, especially those that cause an influx of increased spending.

To make sure Lingerie reaps the benefits during times of increased customer spending, we created seasonal landing pages which correlated with various retail events like Valentine’s and Christmas. This helps contribute to effective SEO and drastically helps to boost organic rankings and the flow of traffic to their site. This was also paired with themed designs, marketing and specialist content to engage online shoppers even further.

And there we go!

Working with Lingerie Outlet Store has been an absolute delight and we can’t wait to continue! With how far they have come already, we’re excited to see what the future holds.

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