A Year in Review: Factory Direct Flooring

17 January 2020| Post by Gavin4 minutes


It’s been nearly a whole year since we launched Factory Direct Flooring’s brand new website!

And over the year, Limely has continued to support Factory and their site, making sure the level of functionality, user experience and quality have remained top tier. With that said, amongst the new year festivities, we thought we’d put Factory under the microscope to see how far it’s come over the past year.

A Little about Factory Direct Flooring

Factory Direct Flooring had been a client of ours for a good while, and in March of 2018, we were thrilled when they officially approached us to design and develop their brand new site. They wanted a much-desired upgrade from Magento 1 and during the process had brand new designs and shiny new features which resulted in the final product; a swanky new ecommerce site that went live back in February last year! Factory themselves are the UK’s leading flooring supplier and needed an ecommerce site to sell and amplify their high-quality products and services.

Since its go-live date, Limely has remained by Factory’s side to ensure that the site maintains its high level of functionality including assistance with general site maintenance, helping to sustain and increase conversion rates and ensuring that the site on a whole is making for great user experience – guaranteeing a happy customer.

Here’s a snippet of what’s gone down!

Mega Menu & Side Bar

Being the go-to for all flooring, Factory displayed a vast amount of products on their site for their users to peruse and buy. Obviously, all good ecommerce sites need a menu, but we recognised that Factory was in need of a mega menu to make sure that all of their products were effectively displayed and could be found with ease. This not only does wonders for UX and UI, but a well-designed ecommerce site which thinks about the user’s experience lets customers know that they are using a brand and a site they should trust.

SEO Content

Whatever your site, it’s always good to keep adding content to keep things fresh and updated.

Screen Recording 2020-01-16 at 01.50 pm.gif

In this case, we made sure that no space went to waste, adding additional content onto the product pages to help with SEO and provide helpful guidance for users. Overall, this helps to demonstrate Factory’s expertise and high level of service.

Integrating Reviews.co.uk

By integrating review platform Reviews.co.uk, we were able to direct all reviews and even an ‘Ask a Question’ service straight onto Factory’s site. Utilising this platform, we were able to flawlessly integrate Reviews.co.uk, allowing customer reviews and the ‘Ask a Question’ service to be active and visible.

Integrated reviews allow their perfect track record to be nicely displayed on their site, but it also continues feelings of trust and reliability for the user which, as we’ve previously discussed, is the perfect concoction for returning business. The ‘Ask a Question’ feature not only improved UI and UX but allowed users to see the avid presence of Factory’s team.

Schema Markup – FAQs, Products and More!

Since going live, Limely has also applied Schema to Factory in an effort to further improve SEO and user experience.

With help from SEO specialists Salience, we added data to create an enhanced meta descriptions which holds engaging and interactive content within search engine results, to not only draw in the user to their page but improve UX and boost their rankings. For Factory, we inserted FAQs, as well as other content to a category page to enable the user to view the information even before they have clicked, just to further reiterate the knowledge and expertise they could expect from Factory if they continued to their site.

Lazy Loading

Speedy loading is yet another essential feature of a top-notch ecommerce site, as it helps provide a better experience for customers – because who doesn’t hate a slow website! Applying lazy loading, we staggered the images to load after the other content to enable a faster running site.

Screen Recording 2020-01-15 at 11.22 am.gif

And there we go!

We love working with Factory and can’t wait to continue to help them achieve ecommerce greatness in the future. In the meantime, go and check out the site for yourself!

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