A Limely Promotion for Project Manager Matt!

26 June 2020| Post by Graham2 minutes


Yes! Congratulations are in order for Limely’s own Matt Briggs as he receives a promotion, along with a brand new title!

So, introducing (drum roll please 🥁) Matt, Limely’s Operations Manager!

Matt is a beloved member of the team and celebrated two years with us back in March! Up until now, you would have known Matt as our project manager. His role consisted of being the friendly middle man between our team and our clients; organising and delegating certain jobs and tasks to everyone in the team, keeping track of project progress, as well as making sure that the client is getting everything they need from Limely – making for a silky smooth process, a happy team and most importantly,  happy clients!

Now, Matt will be known as our Operations Manager, which does include many, if not all, of the responsibilities he held as our Project Manager, but will also consist of a few new additions to his role.

As well as managing projects and connecting clients to the team, Matt will be in charge of all operations; playing a key role in managing the overall quality, efficiency and productivity of Limely as a whole. As our Operations Manager, Matt will be our go-to when assessing integral components that contribute towards the way Limely progresses.

We’re so happy to have Matt on board and can’t wait to see what he has in store for Limely. As Matt settles into his brand new role, we’re seeing even BIGGER things for Limely’s future. Watch this space!

In the meantime – congratulations Matt! 🥂

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