A Day in the Life Of: Director & Developer Niko

15 May 2018| Post by Robbie3 minutes


We’ve covered all sorts on the Limely blog, from exciting new products to social media fails. But aside from our monthly round-ups, we rarely delve into our everyday office life. Things are about to change.

There’s eight of us in the office now. That means there’s plenty going on and we’re all doing different things. We never stop! So, we thought it was about time we let you into Limely HQ for the day and see what really goes on… For our first ever ‘Day in the Life’, we’re starting with director and developer Niko.

A day in the life with Niko

9am: Arrive at the office, get breakfast and put the shopping away!

As soon as Niko walks through the door, it’s all guns blazing. He always grabs a quick bowl of cereal and fires up his Mac ready to begin a day of work. Niko and Adam are usually responsible for the weekly shop, so you’ll find them busy in the kitchen making sure everything is put away properly. Once this has been sorted, it’s time to get down to business.

9.30am: Admin bits and bobs

This is the time to chase up any emails from the night before and make any calls that are urgent. Niko’s often busy on the phone to clients new and old, securing leads or answering any queries. As the self-proclaimed WordPress expert of the office, this time in the morning can also be spent helping content writer Emma or frontend dev Spencer with any issues they might stumble across.

10.30am: Catching up with the team

Every Monday morning, the directors gather around the meeting table to plan out the week ahead and catch up. It’s a great time to iron out any issues and make any suggestions. Our project manager Matt will pop his head in at some point and make sure Niko is all set for the week with retainers, ad-hoc work and new projects.

12:00pm: A quick mind refresher before getting stuck in

Monday catch-up done ✅ Now it’s time to dust off the weekend’s cobwebs with a game of table tennis. Then, Niko gets cracking on with his projects for the week – today he’s working on website enhancements for Farm & Stable.

1:00pm: Lunchtime!

Something smells good… our resident Greek is happy that halloumi’s on the menu today. Okay, we’re all pretty happy about that. And because we vacuumed it down so quickly, we didn’t get chance to take a pic! Sorry 

2:00pm: Smashing through some serious dev…

Although Niko is often involved in calls, meetings and collaborating with the team, there’s nothing he enjoys more than a quiet afternoon getting stuck into coding. It’s the perfect time to collaborate with frontend dev Spencer to come up with some solutions.

3.00pm: Random skills o’clock

There’s always a bit of afternoon madness in the office. We tend to get a little delirious and Niko is always one to show off his hidden talents. We’re usually treated to some impressive traditional Greek dancing, but today, he balanced a glass on his head. (See our Insta for that famous dancing).

5:30pm: Hometime!

Every day is different and some days Niko will stay late if there’s lots to get done. But today he’s off at half 5 to spend time with his family and catch up on some work at home.


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