A Day at Limely – WFH Edition

16 September 2020| Post by Matt4 minutes


So we may have jumped the gun doing a massive song and dance about returning to the office…

As after the latest guidelines were released by the government a day later, we decided that when it came to the safety of our team and clients, it was in our best interest to go back to working from home, until it is completely safe to return.

Although we were all really looking forward to going back, we’re glad to be back crackin’ on at home. Since you are now missing out on all our excellent updates from the office, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into Limely life whilst working from home. It’s not too different, but we know you’re all nosey.

9am -9:30am- The Morning catch-up meeting!

A typical day at Limely begins with our morning meeting! This is where every member of the team logs onto Zoom just to take everyone through their plan of the day. We’ve found this to be a great way to communicate queries or issues we may have, and keep track of projects.

We also have a little chat and a laugh because we’re obviously missing out on all those office bants. Plus, for those in the team who have pets, it’s a great opportunity for them to feature on the call to give us all that little boost of serotonin. Creative Writer Charlotte and Designer Tom usually just stick to showing us what houseplant they’ve bought that weekend.

10:30am – Client Meetings

Although we’re working from home, the calendar remains pretty full! So, the Limely team dive headfirst into their tasks for the day. This usually includes the Director’s catch up, client meetings and lots of calls for Director Niko. Either way, the team constantly stay in touch via Slack, dropping messages whenever they need some help and guidance.

11:30am – Everyone cracking on with their sprint

This is where things get a little quiet as, by this time, work is in full swing! There’s the odd call here and there, and online office bants over Slack. Other than that, the team follow their Sprint on Jira, a platform we use to track and organise our tasks for the week. This helps Operations Manager Matt keep track of our progress, so he can efficiently report back to clients on their project’s progress. Limely really does run like clockwork – even when we’re working from home.

12:30pm – Lunchtime!

As you might already know if you follow us on Instagram, lunch was taken very seriously in the Limely office; having a weekly menu which was usually cooked by Designers Tom and Adam. Since we’re all working from home, lunches have become quite a solo affair and some of the less…culinary-inclined have been struggling. (Although they wouldn’t like to admit it.)

However, this doesn’t stop the chefs amongst us showing off when they have something particularly delicious.

1:30-3:30pm – Sales, Discovery’s and Limely chats

After lunch, the working day continues! The Limely team make their way through the daily tasks, conduct Zoom calls with clients and just keep the Limely boat a float through our usual level of handwork and attentiveness.

2pm – Weekly Catchup

If it’s a Friday, we take some time before the end of the day to go through our week. We take it in turns to talk about what we’ve achieved throughout the week and anything else that sticks out to us. This then usually turns into general chitchat about what we’re getting up to on the weekend – something that, before COVID, took place over a few beers.

4:00pm – The Daily Hangout

On a normal week day at 4 o’clock, we get a little Slack reminder to let the team know how our day went! We send over what we have achieved during the day in order to keep up our level of communication and offer our help and feedback wherever it’s needed.

5:00pm – The sofa calls…

And just like that, it’s the end of the day! The Slack conversations often continue to flow as some take advantage of our ‘flexi-time’ and others discuss some of their latest Netflix and Amazon Prime recommendations. Either way, it’s always another day of a job well done, and we’re ready to do it all over again the next day!

It’s been a strange year for Limely, but we’re so glad we’ve been lucky enough to continue as normal and keep churning out top-notch work.

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