8 Web Design Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

26 April 2021| Post by Szymon5 minutes


We have buckets of web design experience here at Limely, which makes us pretty qualified to judge your website.

But don’t worry! We’re not here to be mean about it, and we would never retain our thoughts and let you go ahead missing the mark with your web design. Nope, we’re too nice.

So, with that said, we thought we’d cultivate a list of 8 things you would want to avoid when designing your website to ensure that it’s rightly representing your business and performing at its maximum potential.

Let’s get right to it!

1. Avoid static content that’s too specific

Static content is copy on your site that will probably never change. It can range from your home page’s introductory paragraph to your terms and conditions and offers your user some additional information about your business and services. It goes without saying that this content should always be clear, concise and free of typos. But you should also be making sure that it always remains relevant.

Try and avoid including information that is likely to change i.e using the names of your staff, seasonal language, specific references or quotes to something going on at the time of writing. This helps avoid your website being littered with outdated content. This would give off a lack of presence and quality – something we certainly don’t want when trying to design a top-notch website!

2. Have far too much going on

Video banners, animations, flashing buttons – oh my!

We love and appreciate web design that includes cool and impressive features but turns out, there can be too much of a good thing.

Features like video banners and animations can be a great contribution to your web design, but only when used correctly. The key is to make these additions subtle and a complement to your website, rather than something that takes up the whole thing. Try and avoid things that use sound and that are too flashy and in your face. Instead, use something that can easily keep playing in the background without it being too distracting for the user.

As an example, click here to see what we did for Carman Friend!

3. Trying hard to be quirky

Frustrated Woman using Laptop

Quirky can certainly work and give your website that competitive edge, but let’s not try and force it! Things like bespoke mouse icons, hidden navigation and website entrances can not only be quite distracting, but they can hinder accessibility and drastically slow down your site. Not great for user experience!

4. Essay amounts of content

Content is KEY when it comes to a high-quality website and can act as the ideal finishing touch to show-stopping design. But we don’t want to overdo it!

As users and consumers, we’re lazy and it’s about time we admitted it. The truth is if we’re on the hunt for a quick solution and we’re greeted with huge chunks of content, we’re going to head straight for the exit.

So, go for quality over quantity and make the content on your web page short, snappy and impactful. Save the long chunks of detailed content for your blog area.

5. Not having your own blog/news area!

You’d be mad not to have one!

Including your very own blog/news area in your website’s design is a smart move. It provides you with the opportunity to really show off your true colours and use original content to further demonstrate your brand. It’s what could set you apart from your competitors and give you that unique, competitive edge. Plus, it does wonders for your SEO and can help your drive traffic in sales from places you might have not even thought of.

Your blog area can be your chance to really let your hair down and show the human side of your business – check out Limely’s blog for example!

6. Forgetting about your 404 page

Take away the fact that it’s a website Error that you’d usually want to avoid, it can also be another opportunity to demonstrate your brand and show your attentive approach to your user’s experience.

Limely 404 Page

Your 404 page can be designed bespoke to you and can continue using your brand to direct users away from the error page and straight to where you want them to be. You can make them fun, you can make them edgy and you can certainly distract users from the fact that they may have just come across a mistake.

Your 404 page could be the silent assassin when it comes to creating an all-around perfect website – don’t let it fade into the shadows!

If you’re feeling a bit lost, click here to read Limely’s article all about 404 pages and how you can make them your own.

7. No favicon!

We’re all guilty of having far too many tabs open – there is just so much good content out there that we want to hold on to!

And an online business, you should be doing everything you can to stand out, even optimising the smallest detail. Implementing an on-brand favicon can ensure that your customers can find your website amongst a sea of tabs, and it also helps to show a level of quality and professionalism alongside the rest of your branded design.

8. Not calling in the experts 😎

And of course, the biggest mistake you would want to avoid is missing out on an opportunity to work with high-class web design experts like those found here at Limely. With a team member covering every aspect imaginable from design to content, we use our expertise and passion to build a flawless website – one that will do your brand justice, drive sales and boost your business.

Having a quality website for your business is such a vital attribute, so there’s no point in dilly-dallying! Get straight on the phone and call those who know exactly what they’re doing.

Click here to get in touch today!


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