5 Web Design Twitter Accounts That You Need to Follow

19 January 2018| Post by Adam3 minutes


Blog posts, handy design tools and daily inspiration… these are a few of our favourite things. They also happen to be some of the main reasons that we follow the five Twitter accounts you’re about to be introduced to.

We’ve rounded up the top five Twitter accounts that we like to use for design and development ideas. Take a look, check them out and let us know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find your new favourite account here!

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1. Creative Market (@creativemarket)

This California-based online marketplace is a great website when it stands alone, offering design assets such as graphics and fonts for the budding creative. However, when you take its Twitter account into consideration you’ve also got a pool of knowledge at your fingertips. Creative Market mostly links to their blog posts but it’s always relevant and helpful stuff that can help you take your design game to the next level. Of course, there’s always loads of fun and playful tweets thrown in for good measure, as you can see from our examples!

2. Statuscode (@statuscode)

They humbly describe themselves as “news and brain candy for curious, progressive developers” and we couldn’t have put it any better. As one of the Twitter accounts created by Cooperpress, we love the variety this feed regularly puts out. From the latest frontend news to handy video clips explaining complex topics, you’re sure to find something interesting here – if you’re into development that is!

3. UI Inspiration (@uidesignpattern)

First things first, this account has a massive 108k following so you know that you’re in safe hands. UI Inspiration hand pick design inspiration content and post it daily, resulting in a great feed full of interesting tips and ideas. Sometimes, they’ll stray away from web design and post funny images or just visually stunning photography. Alongside this, UI Inspiration regularly posts resources for job-hunting designers. Safe to say, it’s one of our favourite Twitter accounts!

4. Good Web Design (@goodwebdesign)

Next up, this account named ‘Good Web Design’ is pretty much what it says on the tin. Basically, this account posts tools for web designers and plenty of resources. Think articles on UX, coding cheat sheets and branding ideas. Daily, they post a ‘Colour Scheme of the Day’ which can offer fresh inspiration to designers. If you’re looking for a new source of creativity or some afternoon procrastination, then Good Web Design has everything you could want.

5. Webdesigner Depot (@designerdepot)

The last on our Twitter accounts list is by no means the least favourite. Essentially, the name of this account says it all. It’s literally a depot of web design content. However, we had to include it on our list for one main reason: the blog posts. Canada-based Webdesigner Depot has a great blog section on their website and it’s worth following their Twitter just to keep updated on new posts. Also, they regularly tweet free downloads of icons and inspirational articles so you’ll never be disappointed.

What are your favourite Twitter accounts in the web design industry?

There’s no way we could list ALL of our favourites but these five are the ones we like and retweet the most. It’s by no means a comprehensive list. However, we’re obsessed with Twitter here at Limely and we love sharing our finds with you. How about returning the favour? Let us know what your faves are and we might just find some new Twitter accounts to follow!

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