5 Ways to Sustain a Good Social Media Presence

16 March 2020| Post by Szymon2 minutes


There have been many times on this blog where we have explored the benefits of social media.

But many of its advantages rely on an effort to sustain an active social media presence. If there’s nothing to engage with, then how is your site meant to benefit?

So, with that said we thought we’d put together a quick list of ways you and your company can keep up an active social media presence to doubly make sure you are benefitting from potential opportunities for increased traffic and lead generation.

Post Daily

Sounds like an obvious one but posting something at least every day is the best way to show your presence and online activity. It also allows your users to get accustomed with your posts; making them more likely to engage.

Commenting and Replies

Retweeting, liking and responding to comments is a great way to not only demonstrate your active presence but is also a subtle way to highlight your brand and get your name out there.

Get Creative

Many companies who use social media usually have a house style they like to stick to in order to appeal to their audience and stay on brand. (And quite right too!) But, don’t be afraid to stray away from your usual stuff just to mix it up and reach a wider audience.

Show the Humans behind the Company

Mentioning staff or your team within your social posts, as well as your blog content, shows your clientele the human’s behind the company. As well as straying from more serious social posts; referencing to cultural jokes, or even posting open questions to your audiences in which you can reply to, help to show that there are real people behind the screens. This not only helps to sustain your presence but evokes trust and reliability for the user.

Content, Content, Content

Be sure to fill your blog with regular and relevant content to not only help with SEO but provide ready-made social posts that help demonstrate your activity and your attention to current trends.

If you’re in need of some help with your social media presence, feel free to give Limely a call since we have it down 😎


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