5 Ways to Leverage your Personal LinkedIn Profile for Marketing Success

21 March 2022| Post by Jess4 minutes


Think LinkedIn is simply a recruitment platform? Think again!

A recent study by Hubspot showed that LinkedIn was 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter (yes, you heard it). So, if you’ve been neglecting your LinkedIn profile, now’s the time to start showing it a little love again. We’ve gathered our top 5 tips for improving your personal LinkedIn profile for marketing success!

Industry Targeted Content

How many times have you been scrolling through your LinkedIn feed only to see a photo of someone’s lunch, newborn baby or worse, their latest shopping haul? If you want to be seen as an authoritative figure in your industry, the world of LinkedIn is not the place to share these personal snippets. Demonstrating expertise and knowledge in your industry is the sure-fire way to gain respect from your community, and ultimately will result in more exposure and (yep, you guessed it) more leads!

Next time you overcome a major challenge within your industry, why not write an exclusive LinkedIn Article all about your process, struggles and what you did to resolve it? This information will not only be invaluable to your community but will also pinpoint you as the go-to guru for insightful industry-specific content.


So, you’ve created some top-qual content, but no-one is seeing it? Step in SEO!

SEO is an invaluable tool for any brand or business operating in the digital world. You probably already utilise SEO for your website, blog posts and ads but have you thought about implementing it for LinkedIn? The principle remains the same; start with keyword research, use these keywords throughout your profile and in any articles or blog posts you create and finally, ensure there are a variety of backlinks directing people to your profile.

Tools such as Google Ad Planner and Answer The Public allow you to find specific keywords that your ideal clients and customers are searching for. Once you’ve decided on your keywords and focussed on your ideal customer profile, all that’s left to do is ensure that your posts, profile and content are keyword-rich and Bob’s your uncle, your LinkedIn profile will be flying in no time!

SEO Scrabble Pieces

Engage, Engage, Engage

Let’s not forget that social media is just that, a social platform intended to create a community of likeminded people! It’s easy to let your attention slip and forget to engage with your audience, especially when we all lead such busy lives. But don’t fret, we have a bunch of suggestions to help you get engaged with your connections.

  • Publish original content (LinkedIn Articles are great for this!)
  • Join relevant groups and start meaningful conversations
  • Start your own industry-related group (don’t worry, you don’t have to let your competitors in on the good stuff)
  • React to trending topics and news

Research shows that the more you engage with your audience, the more leads you generate. Think of your connections like old friends you’ve not seen in years, they’re always there but need some attention or else they’ll find a cooler group to hang out with!


LinkedIn posts with images get 2 x higher engagement that those without. AND larger images get 38% higher click through rates than those without (woah). When paired with the fact that 57% of LinkedIn users access the platform via their mobile devices, it’s evident that carefully chosen imagery is a key component to LinkedIn marketing success. Ensure your images and content are always optimised for mobile and you’re on to a winner!

LinkedIn App

Statistics For the Win!

How many times have you read a LinkedIn post or article claiming a million different things but have no stats to back up their arguments? It’s no surprise that without statistics, our connections can feel a lack of trust. So, we encourage you to use stats to build relationships and gain authority in your field.

Although focussing on your personal LinkedIn profile is the key to attracting engaged prospects, ensuring your company page is up to scratch is just as important! Posting regular company updates, maintaining your company’s current branding and interacting with other pages will pay you back dividends when it comes to presenting your company and services as trustworthy and dependable!


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