5 Ways to Get into the Autumn Spirit – Chester Edition

2 October 2020| Post by Charlotte5 minutes

October is here, the leaves are turning and you can certainly feel a chill in the air!

It’s safe to say that Autumn is one of the most aesthetic seasons of the year – with the classic autumnal colours, crunchy leaves, pumpkins popping up here and there and the abundance of warming spices in your coffee. What is not to love!

Autumn is also a time of celebration with Halloween just on the horizon, bonfire night and Christmas peeking its little festive head. And many of us including our favourite businesses, both online and on the high street, like to get into the spirit by snapping pictures and fully submerging themselves into all things Autumn. And with how 2020 has gone so far, we could all do with some Autumn induced serotonin. But how?

Limely is very lucky to be based in a beautiful city such as Chester; one that does not look too shabby dressed up in Autumn colours. So, just to spring some seasonal joy amongst the lockdown blues, we’ve come up with 5 top tips on how you can feel snug and cosy amongst the autumn leaves in the city of Chester, all whilst keeping yourself and those around you safe.

A walk through Grosvenor Park

What better way to get in the spirit of Autumn than enjoying some beautiful natural scenes and British wildlife? All of this can be found in Grosvenor Park. With plenty of beautiful trees and plants of varying species, strolling along its paths you’ll be able to see the autumn season in all its glory, as well as all the little critters that come along with it. Grosvenor Park is particularly famous for its overly friendly squirrels who you’ll now see scurrying about finding food ready to store for the Winter. 🐿

With beautiful areas such as the statue of Richard Grosvenor and other ancient relics framed by browning leaves, you’ll be able to snap some beautiful pictures and take in autumn in all its glory. As a wide-open space, you’ll be able to keep your distance from others whilst your mentally distance yourself from the doom and gloom of lockdown.

A take out hot chocolate by the river

Speaking of beautiful autumnal scenery, the same can be found down by the river, just off Bridge Street. It is around this time of year that the fairy lights in the trees are switched on in preparation for the darker evenings, and as you wrap up warm and walk along the path to the sound of the flowing river, it makes for quite a romantic scene.

The Groves – Chester- Hardy’s Travel

The abundance of trees along the river still provides that poignant autumnal feel as you make your way to Queens Park Bridge which, when you walk across it, provides you with a, particularly lovely view. All paired with a take out hot chocolate to keep your fingers warm, you can’t really go wrong.

Seeing the Cathedral Gardens in full autumn swing

The Chester Cathedral is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cheshire, with thousands flooding to sample it’s ancient architecture every year. The Cathedral itself is surrounded by beautifully kept gardens in which provides the stage for attractions both historic and modern.

During Autumn and the spooky months, the Cathedral and its gardens littered in orange, brown and mustard coloured leaves, takes on a certain Hogwarts feel, one that suits the encroaching festive season. 🎃  Great for getting that perfect Instagram shot, visiting the Catherdral will certainly get you in the fall mood.

Warming up in your favourite cafe

When you’ve had enough of walking and you can no longer feel your toes, why not go and warm yourself up in one of Chester’s famous independent coffee shops? If you’re lucky enough, you can get a spot by the window so you can people-watch through the frosted glass as you sip on your hot drink of choice. (We recommended something with cinnamon to truly get you in the spirit.)

Earlier this year, we put live Jaunty Goat‘s brand new website, who are famous on the streets of Chester for their chilled out vibe, home-roasted beans and delicious menu. Be sure to go and say hello during your day of autumn festivities! ☕️

Chowing down in the market

Once you’re toasty warm and caffeinated, you obviously need some glorious food to fill your belly. Take yourself down to the Chester Market and you will find an abundance of independent food stalls, all offering various cuisines.

So, what are you hungry for? Something spicy to warm up your insides from DeathByTacos? Something hearty from Crustum Cafe? Or what about a good ol’ stone-baked pizza from Stile Napoletano to fill you up? Whatever you go for, it’ll be the perfect topper for a great Autumn day. But be sure not to forget your mask!

Well, we hope we provided you with some great socially distanced plans for Autumn. Now, let’s go forth and try and enjoy the chilly months to come. ❄️ If you need some help trying to get your business into the autumn spirit, our content creators could help you out! Click here to drop us a message. 🍂


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