5 Signs Your Business Is In Need of Magento 2

24 November 2020| Post by Carmine4 minutes

Carmine D'Amore


Picture the scene…

Your start-up company is a start-up no more – it’s raking in sales, getting loads of attention from your solid marketing strategy and your reviews are full of beaming customers who are just loving your stuff. Your orders keep coming in but it’s evident that the small online store that once did you so well is bursting at the seams. It can only mean one thing – time for an upgrade!

Your ecommerce platform should always work for you and never be a hindrance to the progression of your business. And as soon as your online store is showing signs of dilapidation,  it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. This is where Magento 2 comes in!  A platform made to house forever growing businesses, Magento 2 makes for the perfect foundation to an efficient online store. But how do you know when its time to make the leap?

Here are 5 telltale signs that your company is ready for Magento 2.

Customer complaints are rising

You might click on that something’s wrong when you begin to get a lot of messages from disgruntled customers who have found issues when visiting your online store. If your inbox is starting to fill with messages regarding glitches, slow page speed or checkout/order issues, then it’s time to take a step back, have a look at what’s going wrong and discover the world of possibilities brought about Magento 2.

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Rates are slowly dropping

One of the main reasons you work so hard to achieve a top-notch website is to turn browsing users into paying customers. And if your traffic is showing signs of major activity but your conversion rates are telling a different story, then something is certainly going wrong.

It could be that your dated designs and your old ecommerce platform are just not cutting anymore when it comes to enticing the user and funnelling them towards your products and eventually, the checkout. What this should tell you is that it’s time for something new and up to date – something like Magento 2.

Page Speed is annoyingly slow

Your analytics are telling you that your site traffic is at an all-time high which is great news! However, what’s not so great is that as your users rise, your page speed dramatically falls. When it comes to a great shopping experience, there is nothing quite as detrimental as slow page speed as it results in frustrated customers heading straight to the exit. With Magento 2, you can wave this issue goodbye, especially with its page peed optimisation abilities.

Abandoned carts keep cropping up

Abandoned carts can be extremely annoying for ecommerce owners as it leaves you feeling a little lost; wondering how the user got so far to only jump ship at the last minute. This is a very clear sign that something about your site and UX needs to be switched up to ensure for a smooth sailing shopping experience. Magento 2 is built around providing exactly that so is the perfect foundation for a faultless online shop – one that springboards your business.

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No room for improvement

Times change and so should your online store. As your business grows you might be in need of other features and updates in order to support your sales and users. From optimising your search features to including colour swatches and fitting rooms – your online store could be so much more, especially if you upgraded to Magento 2. Magento 2 is favoured by ecommerce owners, and agencies like Limely, due to its extendable and integrable capabilities and how much it can change to make it bespoke to your individual business. In other words, Magento 2 is what you need to be the best online store you can be.

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