5 High Street Stores You Didn’t Know Sold Online

2 December 2020| Post by Paul3 minutes

Paul Gregory


As temporary lockdown comes to an end this week, the country is still set to remain under tight restrictions according to BoJo’s three-tiered system.

And with areas of the country under different restrictions, and some of us still isolating, it means that our Christmas shopping will still predominantly remain online – more than it would any other year.

And we wouldn’t blame you if you were feeling a little disheartened by this. Christmas shopping on the high street can provide a lot of the Christmas magic! Not to mention, there are some things that you just can’t get online. But wait…

In order to bring a little normality to your Christmas, and to save some of your COVID shopping dilemmas, we thought we’d remind you of 5 stores that you might not know sell online so you can be fully prepped for the festive season in spite of not stepping foot on the highstreet.


Yes, that’s right! Your favourite discount store that sells just about EVERYTHING, including all your Christmas essentials, sells online! The majority of its range can be found on their site- available to click and collect or to be sent straight to your door.

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The place to be for the most unique cards, gift wrapping and Christmas decorations, Paperchase is always a firm favourite at Christmas. And thanks to their online store, you don’t have to miss out this year! With all of their products, promotions and discounts available online, you can shop at Paperchase from the comfort of your decorated living room.

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Card Factory

Everyone loves a festive card at Christmas and it always brings a smile to your Great Aunt’s face when she gets one from you in the post. So, be sure to stock up using Card Factory’s online shop!

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Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate is one of those gifts that you can never get wrong, and who doesn’t love a trip to Hotel Chocolat at Christmas and nabbing as many festive testers as they can. Well, we’re not saying you can enjoy the testers, but we are saying that you can fulfil all of your chocolate dreams on Hotel Chocolat’s online store.

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TK Maxx

A trip to TK Maxx is a gift within itself! No one can resist its prices, its range of products or unique bargains. And you don’t have to miss any of that just because of a locked-down Christmas! With a constantly updated product range, you can send TK Maxx goodies straight to your door.

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