5 Brands You NEED to follow on TikTok

29 April 2021| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

After watching TikTok’s growth over the last few years, we’ve fully accepted that it is a powerhouse amongst the rest of our favourite platforms and an amazing tool for social media marketing.

Everybody’s on TikTok nowadays! Whether you’re just an observer or you’re a lipsync champion, odds are you’re one of their 689 million users and contributed to its 2 billion app store downloads.

Alongside its millions of users, TikTok is also home to a plethora of national and global brands that have also picked up on its power. Nowadays, our feed is not just full of cat videos, memes and singing and dancing 20-somethings, but marketing content that creates trends and boosts sales.

Since we have a few avid scrollers here at Limely, we thought we’d bring you our top 5 favourite brands to follow on TikTok, whose scroll-stopping content might give you some inspiration for your own!


Gym Shark Pants

One of Limely’s favourite ecommerce stories, Gymshark, is well-known for being one of the world’s most famous online gym wear providers that started in a garage in Birmingham. As it’s grown, Gymshark has created an amazing online community that provides gym tips and tricks, as well as the latest trends in activewear.

As well as their other social media platforms, you can find this helpful (and sometimes hilarious) content over on their TikTok where they create short videos and fun gym-related content for their 2.5 million followers.

If you’re a fan of getting fit and getting active, they’re definitely one to follow! 👉 Gymshark’s Tiktok 👈

Little Moons

Not too long ago, we explored how TikTok has affected Little Moons and how their ice cream going viral helped to dramatically boost their sales and adapt their whole approach to marketing and their target audience.

Since then, Little Moons have upped their TikTok game and continue to post funny, on-trend memes relating to their products and to demonstrate the uniqueness of their mochi ice cream.

It definitely made us want to try them! 👉 Little Moons’ TikTok👈


If you’re a frequenter of your TikTok For You Page or you just keep up with the latest trends, you might have seen that Crocs are the latest fashion item on the top of everyone’s list!

The Croc craze is spreading like wildfire as people go mad for their overall style, versatility and ‘cool factor’. It’s even gone as far as urging the brand to make an adult size of their shoes inspired by the Pixar film Cars  – simply due to the high demand!

To ride the wave of their recent virality, Crocs have launched the #GetCrocd campaign alongside an AI filter that allows you to try on their shoes. They’ve also been working with a long list of internet celebrities to further demonstrate that they’re a must-have for your shoe collection.

Go and see what all the fuss is about! 👉 Crocs’ TikTok👈


Asos have recently been in the news as they purchased Arcadia Group and took Topshop off the high street and made it a part of their online fashion world.

As well as being the usual go-to for online retail therapy, Asos has also been killing it with their TikTok content. From sharing popular fashion and beauty content such as hauls and tutorials to showing their latest trending stock and influencer collaborations, Asos has certainly created a space perfect for any modern fashion lover. And 585.9k other TikTok users seem to agree!

Check out their stuff! 👉 Asos’ TikTok👈


Starbucks is a coffee shop known and loved all around the world and is somewhat of a cultural icon. Their cool drinks and recent menu releases are constantly amongst our news feeds, including your TikTok For You Page.

Their Tikok content mainly consists of videos straight from the HQ that share their ethics and what their brand is all about, as well as reshared viral videos from fellow users that show continue to show, from the customers perspective, just how great Starbucks is.

They connect with their audience, they keep the finger on the pulse of what’s trending and they keep their 1.4 million followers engaged!

Join the club! 👉 Starbucks’ TikTok👈

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