4 Ways You Can Perfect Your Ecommerce Site: Shopify

8 October 2020| Post by Robbie4 minutes


Here at Limely, we are massive advocates of Shopify and its capabilities.

The perfect platform for start-up/smaller ecommerce companies, it provides you with everything you would need to build your first, solid online store.

Once design and development are completed and we hand over the reins, you’re going to find yourself in full control of how your website will look and how you will continue to entice users both old and new. That said, we thought we’d put together this quick how-to guide on some of the main ways you can keep up great levels of UX and successful sales as your store changes and grows.

Updating your navigation

Shopify makes it very easy for you to edit and update your navigation menu, and once you have successfully organised all your products into appropriate categories, you can get busy making sure they can be easily accessed by your user. But it then shouldn’t stop there!

It’s inevitable that over time your store will grow and you welcome aboard more products that will need to be added to your navigation menu to make sure you’re sustaining a high level of user experience. This is easily done with Shopify, as once you have added your new range of products to your store, you can easily slip it into your existing navigation menu so it can be easily found by your user.

Strategically chosen USPs

As we all know, your homepage is the main hub of your online store – it’s your storefront. It’s what you will use to make a great first impression to your users and entice them to delve in further. One way you can ensure that all your bests bits are shown off to the user from the get-go is going into your Shopify dashboard and inserting strategically chosen USPs.

USPs, or unique selling points, are what you want to sing and dance about and what you want the user to know about your business to make them aware that you stand out amongst your competitors.  Earlier this year, we launched Wren’s Tale’s brand new site on Shopify for their start-up, and they decided to shout about their ‘Free Delivery over £40’, ‘Degradable Packaging’ and ‘Secure Checkout’ for their USPs, so before the user has even gone any further than their homepage, they already aware that they are trusted, reliable and have some great deals to offer.

Switching up featured products

Speaking of making sure your Shopify homepage is up to scratch, it’s important to keep it up to date with the products and categories which you decide to feature. Through Shopify’s admin area, you’re able to upload specific featured categories and products that include CTA links in order to guide the user straight to your available stock.

This not only shows off what you have on offer, but it also saves the user tons of time when hunting for their desired product. But, as previously mentioned, your store will undoubtedly be busy selling products and growing over time, so it’s important that your featured products/categories are kept up to date. You wouldn’t want to be featuring out of stock or discontinued products, as you also wouldn’t want to be missing out on showing off your latest stock. Thankfully, Shopify makes it very easy to keep on top of this; giving you the ability to switch up your selected features in just a few clicks.

Selecting Related Products

When a user is perusing your product page, it might be the case that they’re struggling to find exactly what they’re looking for. This might urge them to quit and find a solution elsewhere. But that doesn’t have to be the case, especially when you utilise the ‘Related Products’ area on your Shopify dashboard.

Thanks to Shopify’s customisable abilities, you are able to offer your user additional products that may relate to what they are looking at or searching for. This offers them more options which will help keep them on your site and demonstrate your attention to your customer’s needs.

If you have a Shopify site and are not currently displaying ‘Related Products’, click here to see Shopify’s own guide to see how you too can benefit. If you’re still a bit stuck, be sure to give Limely a call!

Are you making the most of your Shopify site? Make sure your online store is the best it can be by getting in touch with the professionals today!


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