4 Tech Gifts for the Gadget Lover in Your Life – Christmas 2019

27 November 2019| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

At the moment of writing this, there are only 28 days until Christmas! This means highstreets are filling fast,  delivery drivers are at their busiest and general Christmas Shopping is in full swing – but what to buy?

Last year, we wrote a handy blog post which explored all the best gadgety gifts for the tech nerds in your life. Since you loved it so much, we thought we’d do the same this year!

Many of us bloody love Christmas shopping and just glide through the shops effortlessly scooping things into our baskets for our friends and family. Some of us on the other hand, are nothing but Bah Humbugs. Well, let’s face it, it can be a struggle! Especially for those in your life or are so up to date with the latest tech gadgets. What on earth do you get them that won’t get you a look of ‘ Aw, you tried’? This is why you need an article like this one, which is here to solve your gadget buying problems.


We mentioned them last year and we’re mentioning them again simply because we can and it’s THAT GOOD. If you didn’t manage to catch last year’s gadget gift guide, let us give you the low down about Tile. Since 2016, they have been helping the more forgetful people amongst us find and locate their lost treasures. From Tile, you purchase a little tab which then gets attached to your favourite gadget or just something you don’t want to lose any time soon.  Then, with Tile’s free app, you can track and locate your item if you ever misplace it. Perfect for any gadget lover, especially those who struggle to keep track of their belongings – we all know ‘em!

Prices start at: £19.99

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

We couldn’t think of a better piece of tech for someone who spends their time chucking back brews whilst sitting at their desk. To be honest, every member of the Limely team could do with one! Basically, this neat little gadget sits on your desk or your bedside table and when switched on, keeps your hot drink nice and toasty. Who doesn’t hate when you swig back your tea or coffee and it’s stone cold. Bleh. Well, that’s not a problem anymore with Ember’s latest innovation. It can run wirelessly for over and an hour and has a list of temperature settings which you alter to get your brew at the perfect level. If you don’t buy this for someone, you could always be nice and send nine of them Limely’s way.

Price: £89.99

Polaroid Play 3D Pen

Now, this would make such a COOL Christmas present. Any tech or gadget fiend will be well aware of the popularity surrounding the futuristic innovations of 3D printing that we have seen take off the last couple of years. This gift will bring that power into their own hands as the Polaroid Play 3D Pen helps you create images that you can pick up off the page. With refillable infills and a chargeable battery, you are able to create amazing three-dimensional pictures that you can either use to create structures or whip up something cool for your friends. It also comes with a cool app, as well as a screen protector, which lets you trace images straight from your phone! This is just freakin’ cool gift that keeps on giving – perfect for the creative, tech nerd in your life.

Price: £30.00

Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa has become just another member of the family for many of us, and now thanks to a deal on Amazon you can also bring Alexa home for £22.00! One of the most popular devices from the boffins at Amazons, the Echo Dot is a cute little gadget which just makes everyday life a little bit easier. Like the other generations of the Amazon Alexa, the echo is purely voice-activated marketed to have ‘tens of thousands of skills’ – some of which include linking your Spotify, storing your calendar and even telling you what the weather is like. Basically, is like having your own little butler, but one that can just sit on your bedside table. It’s cool features and its voice activation will attract any gadget lover and for just £22.00, it’s a bargain!

Price: From £22.00

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Happy Shopping! 🛍


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